May 4, 2022
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What really happened on May 2 in the Black Sea

In the photo: Turkish combat unmanned aerial vehicle "Bayraktar TB2"

In the photo: Turkish combat unmanned aerial vehicle “Bayraktar TB2” (Photo: Yulii Zozulia / Ukrinform via ZUMA Wire / TASS)

All Ukrainian media shouted a triple “Hurrah!”, which echoed loudly through yellow-Blakyt social networks and even penetrated the Runet. According to the Independent Ministry of Defense, “Ukrainian defense forces destroyed two Russian Raptor-type boats.” The Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine spoke about this “indescribable joy” Zaluzhny. According to him, at dawn on May 2, near Zmeiny Island in the Black Sea, a strike drone “Bayraktar TB2” struck our boats.

The Ukrainian military portal “Defence Express” paints in bright colors how this happened. Say, we are talking about a well-thought-out operation, with a clear hint of the participation of American curators in it.

It is striking, however, that the publication, without any doubt, is in the nature of an advertising article about Erdogan’s magnificent drone, whose reputation was badly tarnished in a special operation. Hulks paid the Turks just an unmeasured amount of bucks for each “bird”, and the exhaust was minimal.

It is no coincidence that the Zhovto-Blakit truth-tellers noticed that Zmeiny’s victory happened just when the rating of Ze and Co. began to fall against the background of the huge losses of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, which all Ukrainian experts are talking about in a whisper.

It must be understood that Snake Island is for Zelensky appears on the list of his personal zashkvarov. You can’t count how many times his enemies in Ukraine taunted him that he awarded “posthumously” the Armed Forces of Ukraine, who allegedly sent a Russian ship into three letters first, and then surrendered.

So, the video published by the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, on the one hand, clearly shows explosions on two different boats, on the other hand, it is interspersed with footage of the Bayraktar TB2 drone, to which Zaluzhny attributes the strikes. This incident will certainly go into Wikipedia as the first case of drone sinking of naval vessels.

Some American military publications also note the clearly advertising and propaganda nature of the video, and Zelensky’s media people clearly worked on the video. The accompanying text has a handwriting Arestovichadviser “Ze” on information policy.

It is noteworthy that the small vessels shown in the video have a deliberately blurred image, as a result of which it is impossible to identify objects. Expert Thomas Newdyk from The War Zone is forced to state that, firstly, Bayraktar’s notoriety in the Russian-Ukrainian conflict is supported by Kyiv’s determined propaganda campaign, and secondly, “there is no independent verification of the use of TB2 in this incident.” Even with the naked eye it is clear that the video from the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine contains, most likely, stock footage, and not taken during the mission.

According to the author of The War Zone, one should also keep in mind the fact that Ukraine has previously claimed the successful destruction of Raptor-class boats using an anti-tank missile launched from the coast. But it was never possible to confirm that the attack was successful. Then the Kyiv propagandists had to turn on the “rear”, they say, the Russian armored boat, probably, was only damaged.

And here is another example of nonsense (lie on Move). The Ukrainian side claims that TB2 is “responsible for the destruction of our large Project 1171 Saratov amphibious transport (NATO classification Alligator) in the port of Berdyansk on the Sea of ​​Azov.” But the meticulous and jealous Yankees conducted data collection on this incident and came to the conclusion that the ship was the victim of an accidental fire.

A third example can also be given. Zhovto-Blakit military and, by the way, representatives of the US Department of Defense stated that the Moskva cruiser was sunk by a pair of Neptune anti-ship cruise missiles on a tip from a Turkish “bird”.

However, Pentagon insiders whispered into the ears of overseas experts that the exact circumstances that ultimately led to this flooding are still unclear. In any case, an attempt to promote a Turkish drone is clearly visible here, which allegedly diverted the attention of the ship’s air defense.

As for the possible use of Bayraktar on Raptors on May 2, everything is not so simple here either. The fact is that the Ukrainian TB2 fleet has been depleted almost to zero due to the interception by our air defense, with which, by the way, Pentagon analysts agree. The same Thomas Newdick writes that he has confirmed evidence of the destruction of so many Turkish “birds” during the conflict in Ukraine. They are simply destroyed in batches every day and the remnants are shown on TV.

By the way, on the evening of May 2, bloggers associate the missile attack on Nikolaev and Odessa (at the Shkolny airfield, where military aviation is based) with a possible drone attack on our boats near Zmeiny Island.

In particular, Ukrainian telegram channels write that during the “arrival”, hangars with Bayraktar TB2 drones, as well as missile weapons and ammunition received from the United States and Britain, were destroyed. Like, the Russians “freaked out” and bang their “answer”. This means that the armored boats of the Black Sea Fleet of the Russian Federation really got from the “birds” Erdogan.

True, for some reason, the local “sofa troops” do not talk about the fact that such attacks with precision weapons are carefully prepared on the basis of intelligence. Moreover, the coordinates are rechecked by a variety of sources, which takes time. Such decisions are not made exactly in one day.

Meanwhile, American experts, after watching a video from the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, slapped their foreheads with the words “fir-trees-sticks”, or something like that. As explained in the Pentagon, American coastal military boats, like other NATO ships of the 4th rank with a displacement of up to 500 tons, do not have air defense to protect against drones. It is generally accepted that other “assets” should protect them from the sky, but anything can happen in power conflicts.

In short, it doesn’t matter whether the incident took place near Serpent’s Island or not, the Americans decided to seriously engage in the development of means of protection even for small ships from attack drones. Apparently, after the special operation, our defensemen will have to rethink a lot.

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