Sep 21, 2022
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What Putin did not say. Mobilization is just the beginning

In his speech on September 21, Vladimir Putin said that there would be referendums on joining Russia, and this is not only the republics of Donbass, these are Kherson and Zaporozhye regions. In addition, partial mobilization has been announced. What will happen next?

Vladimir Vladimirovich announced a partial mobilization. And Defense Minister Shoigu has already explained that about 300 thousand people are subject to it. But this, of course, is not enough, given the expansion of the confrontation and the scale of this confrontation in the war with the West. Putin’s key phrase about mobilization is “first of all.” So you need to prepare not only for the designated category – those who have served, with combat experience, military registration specialties, but for everyone who is subject to the first and second (those liable for military service up to 45 years old, including those who have not served) reserve categories. A matter of time and preparation in this case.

What you need to pay attention to from what has not been said, but is very expected by the population of the country.

First, what many experts, especially military experts, are talking about is the need to create a State Defense Committee to concentrate the entire vertical of managing the country, the economy, and the army under martial law.

The second is the transfer of the economy to a military footing. He has matured for a long time. No mobilization is possible unless the economy is overmobilized for the needs of the army. I would like to hear about the new strict rules regarding the oligarchs, which our patriotic entrepreneur Yevgeny Prigozhin has already announced. Of course, we would like to hear some, if not explicit, but hints about Lend-Lease from our friends, especially after the last SCO summit. It was also not said about the ban on the departure of fit-for-service citizens, although this is spelled out in the law adopted by the State Duma on martial law, on mobilization.

I hope that these unspoken topics – they can be resolved either in a non-public field, or – and this is most likely – today was only the first part of a series of important historical speeches of our president, as we saw it in late February and early March, when Vladimir Vladimirovich made one appeal, then another, the next, which complemented and clarified each other. I think that in the coming week we will hear more than one speech by our Supreme Commander-in-Chief. And the explanation to society that our NWO, in fact, is turning into a Patriotic War, will be stronger and stronger.

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