Oct 29, 2021
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What professions are suitable for melancholic

What professions are suitable for melancholic

Very often the melancholic is presented as a weak, indifferent to everything, always tired person. It would seem that thanks to this type of character, a man or woman cannot take anything into their own hands, and therefore such a person cannot be entrusted with the solution of important issues. But is the melancholic really so weak, and how do his qualities manifest themselves in the professional sphere? Let’s try to figure it out.

General characteristics of the melancholic

Melancholic people, by their nature, are rather reserved people, they are silent, shy, and are fond of art.

The main disadvantages of a melancholic

  • Instability to stressful situations. These are people with such a complex psyche that any stress can cause depression and nervous breakdown.
  • High demands on others. Men and women with a melancholic character have an analytical mind, and therefore demand too much from others, and this is often the cause of conflicts and breakdowns in relationships.

Benefits in melancholic temperament

  • In the temperament of the melancholic, there are also advantages that can be used in the professional sphere.
  • A responsibility. If the melancholic promised something, then he will definitely fulfill it. For him, duty is not just a word, for this he is appreciated at work.
  • Sympathy. People with a melancholic type of character always sincerely worry about loved ones, they do not know how to act out feelings.
  • Loyalty. The melancholic is distinguished by demonstrative devotion, this applies not only to human relations, but also to professional activity.

The pros and cons of this character can be interchanged and modified in accordance with the circumstances, sometimes in this type traits of extraversion or introversion can prevail.

Its performance

As noted above, the main advantage of a melancholic in work is responsibility. He will crawl out of his skin to complete the task.

However, this is due to his innate sense of duty, while his colleagues will strive to improve their careers. The melancholic does not need this, he is terrified of change and is always happy with what he has.

If this person realizes that he will not cope with the task, then he will simply refuse it, and what he undertook can be considered completed.

Melancholic people are quite suspicious and respond very well to approval, so if the management more often praises their employee with the presented temperament, then with his diligence the melancholic will be able to outshine half of the staff.

You can rely on these people, but only if they work alone. When working in a team, the melancholic becomes isolated, it is difficult for him to share his calculations and plans with other people, and therefore he prefers to work independently.

The negative quality of this person in work is his unstable psyche. He is very painful in stressful situations, and if he had to experience an anxious feeling during work, then the whole project will be in jeopardy. Girls and men with a melancholic temperament appreciate solitude, and therefore the promotion of a company into new markets can cause the melancholic to be fired.

In general, the working capacity of melancholic people can be defined as low. They get tired quickly, often rest, periodically they need to be distracted by other activities.

They act slowly, as if reluctantly, however, in the end they achieve an excellent result. Extreme activities are not suitable for these people; leadership positions are also unlikely to shine for them.

The melancholic should pay attention to the following list of professions

  • Librarian. This work does not involve frequent stress, it assumes a quiet, calm environment. In the library, the melancholic can relax and enjoy solitude.
  • Writer. There are many talented people among melancholic people. The love of loneliness often becomes the reason for constant analysis, which, in turn, flows into the text written on paper. In the book, he will be able to express all his feelings and attitude to the world. He has a pretty vivid imagination, he loves to explore, and is also quite assiduous.
  • Programmer. The ability to understand the details is another talent of the melancholic who loves to poke around in small elements, to design something, to screw it on, so these people usually know a lot about computers. In addition, the profession of a programmer often involves working alone, which is so appreciated by a person with a melancholic type of character.
  • Designer. Another great opportunity to work at home, as well as to express your creativity. In addition, this is a fairly highly paid profession. The melancholic will perfectly develop an effective project, and the customers will always be satisfied.
  • Copywriter. A great option for making good money without leaving home. The main advantage of the profession is that a lonely melancholic does not have to meet with customers – the texts are discussed via the Internet. Another advantage is the ability to make good money.
  • Veterinarian. This is a fairly suitable profession for a melancholic, however, it should be borne in mind that at first you will have to deal with stressful situations. It is practically impossible to avoid such cases at the beginning of professional activity, since there are many capricious and wayward clients among animal owners.
  • Nurse. This profession presupposes a familiar and well-defined range of responsibilities. Melancholic girls do not have to make serious responsible decisions, since there is a doctor for this. There are no instructions in such work that need to be completed in a short time.
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