Apr 19, 2021
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What products are we preparing incorrectly

What products are we preparing incorrectly

It’s good if you eat delicious homemade food every day. Only do you cook it correctly? Today the editorial staff of “So Simple!” will tell you about products that even our grandmothers cooked incorrectly.

Cooking homemade food is not only about delicious ingredients, but also about the correct cooking technique.

The thought of a hot homemade dinner warms the soul on the way home. So you go and think whether you should eat buckwheat with milk or get by with a light vegetable salad. Just how to cook: boil, fry or bake? We have prepared a selection of 10 dishes that may not be as healthy as you think.

Buckwheat with milk

Everyone knows this dish since childhood. Even those who neglect buckwheat in their diet know about the benefits of cereals. But nutritionists are sure that the combination of this porridge with milk is undesirable. Different enzymes in the human body are responsible for the digestion of buckwheat and milk, and if these products are consumed at the same time, this can provoke a disorder. The iron contained in buckwheat does not allow calcium from milk to be absorbed. It is better to use these products separately, but if you cannot do without your favorite dish, then you should limit its use to 1 time per week.

Young potatoes without skin

Those who value the figure know that eating potatoes is often not worth it. But if there is, it is better young and peeled. It is the peel that contains potassium, iron and magnesium. Well, if you peel the peel, only starch remains. Pay attention to the fact that it is better to avoid buying potatoes with a greenish peel, in such a root vegetable there is a lot of solanine, which is poisonous for humans.

Stewed cabbage

It is best to use cabbage in its original form, since during heat treatment this vegetable loses most of its nutrients. It is best to prefer stewed sauerkraut, because it promotes the digestibility of heavy foods.

Pumpkin without peel

It is the pumpkin peel that contains vegetable protein that inhibits the growth of fungus. And also, compared to the pulp, there is much more zinc in the peel. It is better to try to cut off the top layer of the pumpkin as little as possible before cooking, or even bake it together with the peel, for example. Another good option is to make candied fruits from pumpkin peels.

Fried eggplant

Fried blue ones with vinegar and garlic fell in love with many of us. Those who prefer baked eggplant to fried will get more potassium and less nitrate from the vegetable.

Muesli with bran and milk

It may seem that muesli with milk will only become healthier, but it is much better to pour them with ordinary boiling water. Muesli and bran take a long time to digest on their own, and when combined with milk, they can cause heaviness in the lower abdomen and bloating. Muesli on water can be delicious too, just add berries and honey, dried fruits or nuts to it and enjoy a nutritious breakfast.

Raw tomatoes

It is generally accepted that raw fruits, vegetables and berries contain much more vitamin than thermally processed ones. Things are different with tomatoes. It is during steaming or braising that the tomatoes are enriched with micronutrients.

Black tea with milk

The English tradition of adding milk to black tea is not only loved by the British. Only because of milk, all the antioxidant properties of tea evaporate. Perhaps you will like aromatic tea with honey, citrus or mint. This drink is much more useful.

Garlic in dishes

Whole cloves of garlic can add a spicy aroma to dishes, and not everyone likes it when chopped. But it is precisely when cutting garlic that you can get much more benefit from it than from the whole.

Fried broccoli

Broccoli should be cooked very gently and for a short time. A big mistake cooks make is to fry the cabbage, which causes a lot of vitamin C, chlorophyll, protein and sugar to evaporate.

Now, eating at home will do a lot more good. It is interesting that we do not even think about such trifles as making buckwheat or tea, but these little things can play a cruel joke on us. This is not to say that eating all these dishes is dangerous, but it is better to limit their use for your own good and find a tasty alternative to such food.

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