Aug 17, 2022
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What not to do on August 17 and whom to congratulate today on Angel Day

What not to do on August 17 and whom to congratulate today on Angel Day

On August 17, a church holiday is celebrated – the Orthodox honor the memory of St. Eudoxia the Roman. What you can do and what not, what makes the day special and who has a name day – read in the Styler material.

The saint was brought up in the Christian faith from birth. She was from Rome, from a wealthy and respected family. During the persecution of Christians by the Persian king Sapor, she was captured with many others. In captivity, her faith did not weaken, but, on the contrary, grew stronger every day.

Evdokia supported the prisoners, and thanks to her, many did not break down and courageously endured numerous tortures. The fame of her sermons reached the king himself. Indignant, he ordered Evdokia to be subjected to particularly cruel torture, and then executed by decapitation.

Raspberry picking was the main tradition of the day. Such work was entrusted even to children. In order to have time to collect as many berries as possible, they went to the forest for them from the very morning. In the afternoon we went again to pick raspberries.

The hostesses were engaged in the preparation of jam, and in the evening the berries were the decoration of the festive table. Our ancestors believed that raspberries had medicinal properties. With its help, it was possible to get rid of the high temperature, which is why it was stored throughout the year.

Highlights of the day

  • The weather on August 17 predicted what November would be like.
  • If the day turned out to be parky and stuffy – this is to protracted fine rains.
  • According to the harvest of wild raspberries in the old days, they judged the future harvest of bread.

What not to do on August 17

  1. Don’t borrow money.
  2. Help cannot be denied.
  3. You can’t sell or buy anything.
  4. You can not quarrel and sort things out with loved ones.
  5. You can’t eat fatty foods.

Who has a birthday today

On August 17, name days are celebrated by the owners of such names: Jan, Semyon, Mikhail, Maximilian, Konstantin, Ivan, Dmitry, Denis, Andrey, Alexei, Iya, Irina, Evdokia, Daria, Arina.

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