Apr 20, 2021
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What not to do even for the most beloved grandchildren

What not to do even for the most beloved grandchildren

My parents always worked very hard, and they practically did not have time for joint leisure with me. But I had the best grandmother in the world, who managed to raise me as a decent and responsible person (for which I will always be infinitely grateful to her).

Many grandmothers try to win the gratitude and love of their grandchildren through gifts and permissiveness. And it seems that everyone understands that this is not worth doing, but they still continue to follow such tactics.

Today we will talk about the most common mistakes in raising grandchildren and explain why you should not make them, as well as share tips on how to earn the title of the best grandmother in the whole world without resorting to tricks and various manipulations.

A good grandmother will never criticize the parenting methods of a child. The modern upbringing of children, of course, has a huge number of differences from what was adopted earlier. However, one must understand that this does not make him bad or wrong.

It is also not a good idea to condemn parents for their eyes in front of a child. All difficult issues should be discussed exclusively between adults. A child should not feel guilty for still loving his parents when they hurt his grandmother.

Do not expect that your unexpected visit will greatly delight your children and grandchildren. Even the closest and most beloved people need personal space and time to take a break from each other.

Some grandmothers are so happy to spend time with their grandchildren that they are even ready to neglect the established routine of the child’s day. It should be understood that it is not in vain that parents send the child to sleep at exactly 10 pm or call him for dinner at 2 pm. If you do not teach a child to follow a certain regime from a young age, in adulthood he may have many problems, because of which he will not be able to fully realize himself.

We all know how grandmothers love to treat their grandchildren with something delicious. In fact, this is very cool. Many adults have grandma’s cinnamon buns and chocolate chip cookies on their list of best childhood memories. However, you should not be too zealous with sweets, because no matter how tasty they are, they do not bring much benefit to the body.

In addition to the previous point, it is worth noting that, in principle, one should not dispute and try to change the family’s eating habits. Even if it seems that your diet is much better and healthier for your grandchildren than the one suggested by your parents.

A good grandmother will not criticize parents for refusing to name their firstborn by the name of their great-grandfather or great-grandmother.

Paying off gifts to grandchildren instead of giving them a little time is also a bad idea. Strange, but some grandmothers really believe that expensive gifts can replace a child with care and life lessons that could help them cope with life’s failures in the future.

The best grandmother in the world will never tempt fate and try to cure a child with the help of dubious folk remedies. Herbal tea and prayer for grandchildren can be a great addition, but not the main way to treat an illness.

Perhaps it would be superfluous to talk about how painfully the child perceives the fact that his brother or sister is loved more? By the way, maybe it’s news for someone that children notice and understand perfectly well when a grandmother has a favorite. In any case, you shouldn’t do that to your grandchildren. This can negatively affect not only your relationship, but also the relationship between the children themselves.

A responsible grandmother will never change her grandson’s appearance at will. If parents do not allow their 10-year-old daughter to have her ears pierced, their decision must be respected. In the end, when the baby grows up, she herself will be able to make a more balanced decision and easily find her way to the salon.

Good grandmothers always strive to help their grandchildren and their parents financially. And the best help only when it is really necessary and only after consulting the parents.

Instead of allowing the child to watch TV or play computer games all day, a good grandmother will try to interest her grandson in educational literature or board games.

No loving grandmother would compare her grandchildren to their parents. And he will not reproach that they do the same stupidity.
Among other things, you should refrain from serious conversations with children without prior agreement of this with the parents.

A good grandmother will also not ignore the requests of parents regarding the hygiene and safety of the child. And even more so, she will not allow herself to scatter promises that she cannot fulfill.

It is foolish to be jealous of grandchildren for the second pair of grandparents. And again, many cannot get rid of this addiction, even realizing it.

Good grandmothers will not reverse the punishment of parents and undermine their authority.

And besides, they will not allow themselves to punish the child in ways that parents consider unacceptable.

As you can see, being the best grandmother is not an easy task. But still quite achievable, isn’t it? We will be glad to know your opinion on this matter. We look forward to your comments and new meetings. Have a nice day!

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