Aug 9, 2022
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What Nelli Uvarova looks like now, showed Yulia Kuvarzina


The star of the series “Don’t Be Born Beautiful”, Nelly Uvarova met her colleague on the series Yulia Kuvarzina, who published a joint photo.

Nelli Uvarova, although she is an artist, does not like public events and noisy parties. She spends most of her time working in the theater and developing her charity project Naive? Highly”.

Just the other day, TNT aired the premiere of the series “In Active Search” with Dmitry Nagiyev, where Uvarova played a cameo role. This was a big surprise for fans of the actress, who no longer hoped to see her on the big screen. And shortly before that, a rare photo with an actress from real life appeared on the Web.

Yulia Kuvarzina, who once also started her career from filming in the TV series Don’t Be Born Beautiful, published a new picture with Uvarova. On it, two actresses pose in an embrace on one of the streets of St. Petersburg. As Julia said, they met by chance and decided to take a photo for memory.

Nelli Uvarova and Yulia Kuvarzina
Nelli Uvarova and Yulia Kuvarzina

How joyful it is sometimes just to meet and indulge in the impulse of communication!”- Kuvarzina commented on the frame.

As you can see, now Uvarova maintains the image of a platinum blonde with a short haircut. From long curls, the actress refused for a long time – at the same time as she began to gain weight. At one time, there were rumors that Nelly was allegedly struggling with a fatal illness, because of which she became stout and lost her luxurious hair. But then it turned out that the star of the series “Don’t Be Born Beautiful” just wanted a drastic change in her image.

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