Aug 23, 2022
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What men don’t like in women

What men don't like in women

We, women, are firmly convinced and know that there is no one more ideal than us. We are without flaws. But men stubbornly do not want to see this and constantly express their dissatisfaction. But we still have to live with them, although sometimes they are simply unbearable.

And for this it would be nice to figure out what exactly men do not like in women and how to hide women’s flaws from a lover.

Consider an ordinary average man, without any special views on things. Therefore, it is your man who may not look like our fictional and so carefully considered character. So, let’s get down to business!


“Everything should be perfect in a person”, and appearance when communicating with a man is almost the main factor. Of course, the tastes of all representatives of the stronger sex are different, but the general can be traced in all.

First, men don’t like very fat women. No, some 2-3 kg can make you even more attractive, but 10-15 is, you see, already too much.

Secondly, men do not like it if a woman ineptly uses cosmetics. Of course, each man has his own level of ineptitude, but in general this is so. And finally, men do not like it when a woman has an ugly face, although, again, she may not like an ideal face, but only because a man looks much worse against his background.

Intellectual level, erudition

Don’t believe it when they say that men love stupid girls with painted faces. Such girls can please only for a short time. For a long-term relationship, men need not only a beautiful, but also a smart girl who can support any conversation. If a man cannot talk with his chosen one about anything other than a new dress, or he is ashamed that the girl is talking all sorts of nonsense in the company, he will most likely stop communicating with her. At the same time, a man simply cannot stand an overly smart girl, as she will seem boring to him.

In this section, the conversation will not be about such banal things as lies, treason, etc. All this is not liked by either men or women. But if a woman is too bitchy, no man can bear it. But if you add a little bitchiness to your character, it will just turn a man on. The stronger sex just loves it. Yes, they are so weird. However, be careful not to overdo it.

Life, household

Men strongly dislike when a woman feels awkward in the household. In this section, we do not discuss that a woman in the 21st century has the right to a career and does not have to stand at the stove and cook. The fact remains that if you are a bad cook and you can’t wash the dishes without breaking a couple of dishes, be prepared for the fact that the man will be unhappy.


This is, perhaps, a list of what the average man does not like in a woman. Of course, for each man you need to make an individual list, but it is quite possible that it is your man who thinks the same way.

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