Feb 16, 2021
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What makes a man stop loving a woman

What makes a man stop loving a woman

“I stopped loving you,” is a phrase that every woman, especially a married woman, is afraid to hear. But everything began so beautifully, and the woman gave her beloved all of herself, gave birth to a child, created comfort in the house and looks good, but her husband decided to leave.

What a pity that the future of the relationship cannot be predicted. No one is safe from divorce, and a variety of reasons can lead to it: from a banal misunderstanding to the fact that one of the partners simply fell out of love. But why does this happen?

One of the men posted on his social media page an explanation of why he left his wife, with whom he lived for 8 years and is raising a son. He blames his wife for the decision to leave and believes that in most cases it is women who force men to file for divorce. So Simple! will tell you about the key points of such a decision.

You don’t need to be a psychologist or an expert in building relationships to understand that a man’s feelings have cooled down, and interest has completely disappeared. The main thing is to notice it right away and try to solve the running problems. If, under any pretexts, he spends time with you less often, is constantly angry, does not keep promises and does not try to make your life better, his feelings are likely to have cooled down. Everyone has their own reasons, here are 5 typical mistakes women make that lead to family breakdown.

“She increasingly spoke to me in a commanding tone. It feels like I’m her dog, who must do everything on command. No request, much less gratitude. Yes, sometimes this can be – everyone has their own limit of patience, but on an ongoing basis … This is very annoying. “

“Instead of creating emotion and mood in a relationship (as a woman should be), a wife made life difficult and created problems where there are none. You always have to be in some kind of tension, even at home. “

“Don’t wean a man from his body! Intimate life is not a means of manipulation. Besides, a woman needs her too. If you often punish this way or get your own only through bed, the husband grows cold. What happened to me … If not from my beloved, then there will always be on the side. “

“I’ve heard so often that a man owes a woman both this, and that, and that … I agree with that. But when, instead of inspiration, the wife only reproaches that there is not so much money, that her husband made a better gift for Lenka, and Marina has a new fur coat … It’s just unbearable. I could move mountains for my wife, if she supported me at least a little and motivated me in difficult times, and did not nag. And when everything is fine, then there is no joy and praise, as if it should be so. “

“The wife demanded all the best, but she herself did not strive to be the best. Shivers from old panties with holes and sweatpants stretched out on the knees! Yes, I believe that at home a wife should also look brand new, and not wear something that is old or stained. And beautiful underwear should also be worn not only on big holidays. “

This man can be called too demanding, but he himself is sure that such a message will save more than one family. We think that there are always two to blame in a relationship. For example, you could talk to your spouse about your emotional state, calmly discuss each other’s behavior, and try to be more attentive and tolerant. However, the husband brought everything to the boiling point and divorce.

It is important to remember that no matter how close you are to your wife, you are still two different people who have their own needs and views on life. And it’s best to voice them on time.

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