Jan 11, 2021
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What kind of outbreak of COVID-19 occurred in a boarding house in the Novgorod region?

An outbreak of COVID-19 was recorded in the Borovichi boarding house for the elderly and disabled. This was announced by the government of the Novgorod region on its official Facebook page. Of the 100 guests and 22 employees of the boarding school, 75 people were diagnosed with the new coronavirus.

What is known about the outbreak of COVID-19 in the Novgorod region?

A sharp increase in the number of patients with coronavirus in the Novgorod region became known in early January. As of January 11, 256 new cases of COVID-19 were recorded in the region, with 143 of them occurring in the Borovichi district. According to the regional headquarters, the sharp increase is associated, among other things, with an outbreak of the disease in a home for the elderly and disabled.

As reported on January 9 in the regional government, at the beginning of 2021, three guests developed symptoms of infection, after which they were isolated. The tests carried out confirmed that they were infected with the coronavirus. Subsequently, analyzes were taken from all residents of the boarding house. By January 9, another 72 people were diagnosed with COVID-19.

Upon the outbreak of the coronavirus, an epidemiological investigation of the causes and conditions that led to a sharp number of new diseases is underway.

Where are the sick now?

Ten people were admitted to the hospital, one of them is in intensive care. The rest of the guests have a mild or asymptomatic illness, they are treated in the boarding school itself.

As a result of the incident, the institution was quarantined until January 20. In addition, it was divided into zones. So, on the first floor of the building there is now a “green” area for 22 people with negative tests for coronavirus, on the second and third floors there is a “red” area for 11 people who have been prescribed treatment, and an area for 44 people with asymptomatic course diseases.

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