Oct 19, 2021
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What jokes with Putin’s godfather can bring Ukraine

Photo: Russian President Vladimir Putin, chairman of the political council of the Ukrainian party Opposition Platform - For Life Viktor Medvedchuk and Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko (left to right) during a meeting at the Tauride Palace, 2019.

Photo: Russian President Vladimir Putin, Chairman of the Political Council of the Ukrainian Party Opposition Platform – For Life Viktor Medvedchuk and Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko (left to right) during a meeting at the Tauride Palace, 2019. (Photo: Mikhail Klimentyev, Sputnik, Kremlin Pool Photo via AP / TASS)

President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky said he would consider the possibility of exchanging with Russia the head of the political council of the party “Opposition Platform – for Life” Victor Medvedchukif he has Russian citizenship.

However, “Medvedchuk is a citizen of Ukraine and Ukrainian legislation applies to him,” Zelensky said.

Commenting on the words of Zelensky, the deputy of the Verkhovna Rada Renat Kuzmin said that Medvedchuk was taken hostage in order to blackmail the President of Russia Vladimir Putin

Medvedchuk himself opposed his exchange.

“I did not have and do not have any other citizenship, except Ukrainian. I am a citizen of Ukraine and I will be a citizen of Ukraine, despite the illegal, criminal pressure that the authorities are exercising against me today … The fact that the president, ignoring the constitutional principle of the presumption of innocence, allows himself to talk about exchange, clearly demonstrates the legal and moral abyss that has collapsed Ukraine, and in fact testifies that the country has ceased to exist as a rule of law, “- said in his statement.

Does Zelensky really want to blackmail Moscow with Medvedchuk? Obviously, his arguments that he is not a citizen of Russia are just empty words – Zelensky is no stranger to exchanging Ukrainians for Ukrainians …

– Indeed, the situation with Medvedchuk looks like an attempt to fill the so-called exchange fund, only instead of hundreds of arrests throughout the country, a statesman was arrested, whose political weight in Ukraine is quite large, – I am sure chief editor of the information agency “Caucasian border”, former deputy of the Odessa Regional Council Alexey Albu

– Most likely, Zelensky’s statement is a farce designed to raise his falling rating in the eyes of nationalists.

“SP”: – They write that Medvedchuk was taken hostage to exchange for cheap gas. Or cheap coal.

– Naturally, it is impossible to exchange Medvedchuk for a certain amount of tons of coal. This is absurd. However, the arrest of the country’s main opposition politician is a factor in political bargaining with Moscow.

In the photo: Viktor Medvedchuk, head of the political council of the Opposition Platform - For Life (Opposition Platform - For Life) (Opposition Platform - For Life) party (third from left), during a meeting on the election of a measure of restraint in the Pechersk District Court.  On October 8, 2021, the Prosecutor General
In the photo: Viktor Medvedchuk, head of the political council of the Opposition Platform – For Life (Opposition Platform – For Life) (Opposition Platform – For Life) party (third from left), during a meeting on the election of a measure of restraint in the Pechersk District Court. On October 8, 2021, the Prosecutor General’s Office of Ukraine brought a new charge against Viktor Medvedchuk of treason and aiding the activities of a terrorist organization. According to the prosecutor’s office, we are talking about the illegal supply of coal from the territories not controlled by Kiev in late 2014 – early 2015. The prosecutor’s office asked the politician for detention or an alternative in the form of a bail of 1 billion hryvnia (almost $ 38 million) – a record amount for Ukrainian justice. (Photo: Irina Yakovleva / TASS)

The problem for Zelenskiy is that the Russian president never succumbs to such cheap blackmail. This is his life credo, the manifestation of which we have repeatedly observed in very difficult situations. The arrest of Medvedchuk is the crossing of a certain tacit line, which will bring Zelensky exclusively problems.

“SP”: – And so, if you think about it, does Russia need Medvedchuk?

– Russia does not need Medvedchuk, but an “adequate neighbor”. That is, a state in which there is no lawlessness in politics. Where issues are resolved according to the established rules of the game, and not by orders from above or at the request of a narrow circle of people behind the president.

“SP”: – How ethical is it on the part of Moscow to help Medvedchuk against the background of how many pro-Russian activists in Ukraine have been sitting far from under house arrest for several years? It is clear that not all of Putin’s godfathers, but … Or is it necessary to help everyone and always?

– Thousands of political prisoners who received freedom as a result of exchanges received it exclusively thanks to the support of the leadership of the Russian Federation. And in this issue there was no differentiated issue. For example, we managed to exchange our comrades from the radical left organization “Borotba” and support like-minded people who remained in Ukraine.

We have never felt any discrimination on the part of Russia or the people’s republics, and no one pointed out to us that we are not Putin’s godfathers. Therefore, I can only draw one conclusion that Russia’s policy is aimed at providing maximum assistance to all victims of the nationalist Ukrainian policy, regardless of status and social status. Another thing is that it is not always possible to successfully solve some issues, but we see that the problem in their solution is Ukrainian nationalist officials.

“SP”: – Medvedchuk himself, if anything, is against such a scenario. Will they ask him?

– As far as I know, it is impossible to make an exchange without the consent of the prisoner.

“SP”: – If Medvedchuk is handed over to Russia, will this affect the activities of his party? And in general, the Ukrainian opposition will lose anything from this?

– Of course it will. The fewer people who do not share the ideas of nationalism participate in Ukrainian politics, the more shifts occur in the entire political spectrum. And they happen to the right, towards the very real fascism.

– For Zelensky, Medvedchuk is the internal enemy number one, the main political opponent and rival in Ukraine. It is likely that Zelenskiy is also ordered to put pressure on Medvedchuk and his party in the West, since the PLO is considered a “pro-Russian” force. Therefore, it is important for Zelensky and his entourage to discredit and neutralize Medvedchuk in any way – continues the topic Director of the Freedom Institute, member of the Bureau of the Political Council of the Rodina party Fyodor Biryukov

The offer to exchange him for Ukrainian criminals is a bluff and a provocation. Firstly, Kiev needs the main Ukrainian oppositionist under arrest, this is a kind of “fear factor” for the entire opposition, they believe in Kiev.

Secondly, Kiev also needs Ukrainian criminals in Russia more precisely as “political prisoners” about whom the Ukrainian authorities “sobbed” all over the world for a long time and with obvious pleasure.

Thirdly, the very offer of an exchange is rather dubious both from the point of view of Medvedchuk and from the Russian point of view.

Like most of Kiev’s “conciliatory” initiatives, this proposal is nothing more than a mockery, by and large. This is often the case for criminals who are confident in their impunity, who have taken hostages and put forward exaggerated and obviously unacceptable demands in order to demonstrate their imaginary strength. However, as practice shows, most of these situations end up very badly for those who create them.

The political persecution of OLE and its leader Medvedchuk, as well as further attempts at boorish bargaining with Moscow, is a big mistake for Kiev and Zelensky personally. They are doing themselves a fatal disservice.

– We see on the part of Vladimir Zelensky clear attempts to blackmail Vladimir Putin with the fate of his godfather Viktor Medvedchuk, – I agree political scientist Andrey Dmitriev

– It will not be successful. The logic of the Ukrainian president is too straightforward. Either he announces to the whole world about his grudge against the West over the launch of Nord Stream 2, although, one wonders, why does the West owe him something?

Now Zelensky reasons like this: “Putin’s godfather is in my captivity, why not bargain.” That is precisely why the Russian president will not do this. As a member of the special services, he perceives this as the logic of a terrorist who has taken a hostage. And they do not negotiate with terrorists. A hint was given in a famous article by the Deputy Secretary of the Security Council Dmitry Medvedev, where a lot of swear words are said to the Ukrainian authorities with the conclusion – “we will wait for a change of leadership.”

In this sense, it is interesting that we owe some of the successes of foreign policy – or at least not surrender of the achievements of our ancestors – to our “respected partners”. Moscow was ready to give two islands of the Kuril ridge to the Japanese, no, they wanted four. We didn’t get anything in the end, thanks to them. Bandera staged the Maidan, and Moscow remembered that Crimea is Russian, thanks to them. It remains to be hoped that Mr. Zelensky, with his stupid actions, will bring the Kremlin to the recognition of the LPNR, or even – if you dream – the rejection of the big Novorossia from Ukraine from Kharkov to Odessa. And then we will say a big Russian thank you to him.

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