Nov 9, 2021
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What is Zelensky valuable for “Peacemaker”

And why in the eighth year of state terror he was noticed by the Ukrainian ombudsman

Denisova, Ombudsman of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine for Human Rights, demanded that the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Security Service of Ukraine take measures to exclude information about children from the lists of the Myrotvorets website.

We are talking, recall, about an open database of personal data of those people (both citizens and non-citizens of Ukraine) who are considered a threat to the national security of Ukraine. Denisova emphasizes that Peacemaker is a non-governmental organization. However, as you know, its creator is the Deputy Minister for the Occupied Territories (from 2016 to 2019), the head of the Luhansk Regional Military and Civil Administration (from 2015 to 2016) G. Tuka. The creation and activities of the “non-governmental organization” were supervised by a member of the collegium of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, People’s Deputy A. Gerashchenko. The site itself indicated that it was created “to help the SBU and the Ministry of Internal Affairs.” That is, from the very beginning it was known about the massive violation of fundamental human rights, in particular the right of an individual to confidential information. Not to mention the right to life. After all, the first victims of political terror, Oleg Kalashnikov and Oles Buzina, died immediately after their addresses were published on the “Peacemaker”.

So the Ukrainian ombudsman complains to the authority about the very same authority. And yet, in itself, a demarche from a representative of the system is a precedent. Did Zelensky finally decide to cover up a terrorist organization that spoils the image of CEEurope?

When Zelensky still seemed to be a peacemaker

With the election of a new president, the clouds over the terrorists seemed to have thickened. On July 12, 2019, information was released that Gerashchenko’s assistant is filling the Myrotvorets database, while the administration of the site is carried out on a computer installed in the parliamentarian’s office – in the building of the Rada committees. At the same time, the winner of the recent elections positioned himself as a deliverer of society from universal hatred and total terror. This means that in itself such a message testified to something.

In order to cover the “Peacemaker”, there was also international support. In the last full year of Poroshenko’s tenure, the deputy head of the UN monitoring mission for human rights in Ukraine, Benjamin Moro, admitted the unlawfulness of the activities of the “Peacemaker”. And Hungarian Foreign Minister Peter Siyjarto directly pointed out the connection of this “non-governmental organization” with the government: “It is a lie that the Ukrainian state has nothing to do with the site that lists suspects with Ukrainian-Hungarian citizenship.”… The minister explained that the list contains personal data that are not available in open sources. “In addition, one of the directors of the NGO, who ran the extremist website, worked in the Ukrainian special service.”– added the head of the Hungarian Foreign Ministry.

In the third month of Zelensky’s presidency, it became known that the “locomotive of the EU” Germany “He condemns the existence of the” Peacemaker “resource in Ukraine and demands that the authorities take the necessary measures to remove the site.”

However, less than a month has passed since the “Peacemaker” … added a blogger who began to criticize Zelensky to its database. “For 5 years of criticizing Poroshenko, I never got around to the honor of becoming a nominee for the Peacemaker, – Alexander Skubchenko was amazed. – And under the new government – please … A resource that is being sharply condemned in Europe and in the world, from now on in the service of Zelensky – what could be more beautiful? The main achievement for the first 100 days is straightforward. “

In October 2019, the UN mission was forced to “remind again and again” the new composition of the Rada about the “Peacemaker”. “As you know, the site contains personal data of individuals, including journalists, which violates national legislation and international norms, – said Moreau at a meeting of the Verkhovna Rada Committee on Freedom of Expression. – … The disclosure of their data, in turn, poses a danger to such persons “… The deputy head of the UN mission gave an example of the publication by the “Peacemaker” of the address of a resident of Mariupol, after which the man was killed on his landing.

And a week before that, the main “servant of the people” said that he would not initiate the ban on “Peacemaker”: “We must try to be a democratic country … It is wrong for the president to say:” Close the site “”… Is it funny to read this now, after the “democratic president”, in violation of all possible constitutional norms, closed practically all information platforms that gave the floor to Viktor Medvedchuk?

Soon after the formation of the Ze-government, it, represented by the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine, recognized the center “Peacemaker” “Independent, non-governmental organization”which “Carries out large-scale work to record and make public the facts of the aggression of the Russian Federation against Ukraine”… Deputy Minister of Justice I. Lishchina (he is the Commissioner for the European Court of Human Rights) mentioned “The importance of the activities of” Peacemaker “to protect the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine”

The circumstances of this statement, which were then unexpected for those who voted for Zelensky and the “servants”, are as follows. In September, the ECHR began hearings on Ukraine’s claim regarding “Violations of human rights in the course of armed aggression by the Russian Federation”… Well, the “Peacemaker” did not come up with anything better than to disclose the personal data of the defendant’s representatives. In this regard, the Ministry of Justice asked the publication to remove this data so as not to compromise the Ukrainian side as A “democratic country” in a dispute with a “totalitarian regime”… We emphasize: the authorized court on human rights in connection with the case of “violations” human rights asked the terrorists to stop publishing the addresses of not thousands of potential victims of real aggression by neo-Nazi “activists”, but only those Russian lawyers who could prevent Ukraine from fighting “hybrid aggression”.

Not a peacemaker, but a “peacemaker”

On February 1, 2021, the European Parliament called on Ukraine to ban the “Peacemaker”. The relevant resolution stated: “The European Parliament regrets that the political climate in the country has deteriorated when intimidation, hate speech and political pressure are widely used for political purposes and urges the authorities to strongly condemn and ban the activities of extremist and hate speech groups and websites such as Peacemaker who create tension in society and misuse the personal data of hundreds of people “

To this “news lead”, Zelensky’s office responded with temniks for the deputy speakers of the “Servant of the People” on a talk show, from which it followed that “In the conditions of a war against Ukraine, it is still necessary to keep records and update data on those who are fighting against Ukraine”… This, they say, “Will be carried out regardless of whether the specific site” Peacemaker “will or will not work”“Of course, we cannot agree if the personal data of journalists is entered on this site.”… But “Law enforcement agencies should react to this”… Zelensky transferred the arrows to the head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs Avakov, whose adviser was in charge of the “Peacemaker”.

But Avakov is already out of work for the fourth month. On the eve of his resignation, the Hungarian Foreign Minister again raised the issue of the “Peacemaker” in PACE. And on the same days, “Peacemaker” reported on “Liquidation of Mamonov Petr Nikolaevich by an agent of Covid-19”

Why are these “liquidators” so dear to Zelensky? Really the quality of humor similar to that of the 95th Quarter? Of course not. An evil clown would gladly crush competitors (in every sense). Indeed, in the case of obvious violators of the criminal code, there is something for that, in contrast to the channels that worked exclusively within the framework of the law, which provided a platform for Medvedchuk, a highly qualified lawyer.

However, no matter how much Zelensky would like to “listen to the voice of the world civilized community” (by the way, who also spoke in defense of “Medvedchuk’s channels”), he, being a puppet of external forces, is forced to cave in under the Russophobic part of society. And he knows very well that for the “civilized” world such “concern” is nothing more than a game. After all, no one has canceled the axiom “son of a bitch, but our son of a bitch.”

Therefore, statements such as those made by the Ukrainian ombudsman are part of the game. It was sounded only after the relevant UN services accepted for consideration the appeal of a 12-year-old woman from Lugansk, Faina Savenkova, who was included by the “Peacemaker” in the database of the “enemies of Ukraine”.

Faina Savenkova

Faina wrote a letter to UN Secretary General Guterres, in which she asked that the organization led by him “monitor the observance of children’s rights and immediately respond to the appearance of sites like” Peacemaker “.”

And the girl was introduced to the terrorist base because of her previous appeal to the UN. On the occasion of Children’s Day, she, as one of the most famous child writers (Savenkova’s stories and plays are published and staged in the CIS, Italy, the Czech Republic, Serbia), turned to the Security Council with the following words: “I want the UN not to forget that we, the children of Donbass, also have the right to childhood and a peaceful life … I want you to remember the smiles of your children. I want to say that we also want to smile, we want to be happy, we want to choose our future and we just want to live. “… The video was presented to the UN by the Russian delegation.

Well, there is a chance that, as a bone for the “world community”, the child’s name will be removed from the list to be eliminated. For the rest of the “enemies of the nation” the retribution for anti-fascism is not canceled.

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