Apr 27, 2022
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What is Ukrainian Territorial Defense

Describing the events in Ukraine, a significant part of experts make a significant mistake, stating that the Russian army is opposed by “national battalions”, which have not existed since 2016, when these battalions were reorganized and became part of the brigades of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the National Guard of Ukraine as regular units for various purposes. So, for example, the Azov * banned in Russia became a special forces regiment of the National Guard, the Dnepr battalion, Donbass, Karpatska Sich, Aidar, and others became part of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

In this case, the question is not only in terminology, but also in meanings. After all, now these units get into not only voluntarily, but also by the distribution of contract soldiers and conscripts. That is, now these are not just volunteer battalions of the 2014 model, where, at the behest of the Maidan heart and Bandera soul, those who wanted to bleed the inhabitants of Donbass were registered.

For those who forgot Ilovaisk, who were overgrown with couch fat militant Sumerians, the ruling “95th quarter” came up with a new format for a VOLUNTARY demonstration of national identity and patriotism, inviting them to unite in territorial defense battalions, which happened with the great desire of male (and not only) Ukrainians.

Moreover, if until February 24, 2022, the process of formation of terbats went according to plan, but without much enthusiasm, then after that the nation quickly fulfilled the plan for the “terodefense”, pleasing the mobilization department of the Ministry of Defense and Ukrainian propaganda. The nation regularly demonstrates its desire to die for a Jewish clown.

There are several reasons for the “volunteer mass character”. Let’s not deny that a certain part of the society sincerely rushed to defend Ridna huts. 30 years of independence were not in vain, and serious brainwashing professionals work in Ukrainian propaganda.

However, much more important is the fact that service to the Batkivshchyna in the Terbat is supposed to be in their native places, even with the possibility of daily visits to the family, a kind of “patriotism at home”, and for a decent salary, which is very important in the conditions of the economic collapse. Therefore, in the “territories” are voluntarily recorded much more willingly than in the regular army. Moreover, it is well known that the backbone of the terbats are former veterans of the ATO, including militants of the same national battalions.

A separate topic is the unlimited rights and power of territorial defense units, which today are much stronger than the rights and power of the same police. The “territories” have become the real masters of the situation on the ground, their possibilities are unlimited and their actions, as dozens of facts have already shown, are unpunished and beyond jurisdiction.

Having received weapons (even heavy ones) in their hands, they nightmare the cities, allowing themselves everything, up to the use of weapons on civilians, if the “territories” suspect saboteurs of them. The facts are widely known, how in Kyiv they shot an ordinary family, in the Zhytomyr region they shot two boys, in Sumy they killed a bystander. In social networks, they discussed the case of how in Cherkassy territorial defense patrols fired at night at the windows where the light was on, which allegedly violated the blackout rules. All this under the slogan “Glory to Ukraine – glory to the heroes!”.

The rear “exploits” of the terbats will remain on the conscience of Zelensky’s team, who created and directed them. However, in the Zaporozhye region, “territories” began to be used for their intended purpose, in the form of barriers on the line of contact. And to fight with the “Sunshine” is not for you to nightmare unarmed. The first interrogations of the Terbatovites demonstrate not only their moral and patriotic state, but also their preparation: they look pitiful, bargaining for their lives.

And here it is extremely important to take into account that they went to kill consciously and VOLUNTARY, like those volunteers in 2014 who were operating in the Donbass. So the terbats are quite identical to the national battalions 8 years ago. Is it worth showing humanism towards such volunteers?

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