Jan 27, 2021
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What is this no-fly zone over Gelendzhik?

The no-fly zone in the area of ​​Cape Idokopas near Gelendzhik was established by order of the Ministry of Transport dated July 24, 2020 in the interests of border security, the Federal Security Service told RBC. The reason was “the increased intelligence activity of a number of neighboring states, including those belonging to the NATO bloc,” to the territory where the frontier post of the FSB frontier administration in the Krasnodar Territory is located.

The outpost itself was commissioned in October 2020. The FSB stressed that the detachment is engaged in “protecting a section of the state border of Russia, ensuring the economic and other legitimate interests of the country, monitoring the protection of water and biological resources and observing the rules of the state border regime and border control by legal entities and individuals.” “Other tasks are not assigned to the department,” the department added.

In the sea area of ​​Gelendzhik, a border regime was also established, but there is no ban on the passage of boats in the area of ​​Cape Idokopas. There are no facilities in the area under the jurisdiction of the special service, the FSB stressed. Also, on the territory of Gelendzhik and in the surrounding areas, there are no protected objects of the FSO, no bans and restrictions were introduced there, they told the RBC edition in this department.

In the investigation film FBK (the organization is declared by the authorities as a foreign agent – ed.), It is stated that in the village of Praskoveevka on Cape Idokopas near Gelendzhik there is a palace with an area of ​​more than 17 thousand square meters. m, supposedly built for Vladimir Putin… The President said that neither he nor his relatives own this property. Press secretary Dmitry Peskov clarified that the owners of the facility are entrepreneurs whose names the Kremlin has no right to disclose.

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