Feb 19, 2021
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What is the scam selling coronavirus antibody tests?

COVID-19 test systems for home use have been in demand since the very beginning of their introduction on the market. Depending on the manufacturer, they can show whether a person has contracted or has already had a coronavirus infection. However, it should be borne in mind that cybercriminals often use the desire of Russians to learn about their state of health.

How do scammers trick buyers of COVID-19 tests?

As with other products that can be purchased online, you must verify the authenticity of the online store when purchasing tests. According to experts, recently, cases of deception of buyers using fake online stores that allegedly implement test systems for COVID-19 have become more frequent in the network. At the same time, they are as similar as possible to real platforms for the sale of goods and contain a basket, a list of products, a form of payment, etc. But when you try to pay for an order, the buyer’s money goes into the hands of scammers, and no goods will be sent to him. If the victim tries to contact the “seller”, they will fail. All communication methods indicated by the scammers are invented.

Is it possible to buy coronavirus test cassettes on the Internet?

It is possible to purchase real COVID-19 test systems for home use. However, it is better to do this on trusted sites. For example, these can be large online pharmacies. Before entering the card details, you need to make sure that the domain name is typed in the address bar of the browser without errors, and that the letters HTTPS and the SSL icon symbol are next to the address. Also, for security reasons, it is better not to follow the links to the store from letters, but to type the address yourself.

You should not make a purchase if the seller offers to pay for the goods by transfer to a personal bank card or to an electronic wallet – this is how scammers most often act.

Even when buying a coronavirus test from a well-known online store, you should pay attention to its price. It should be remembered that the cost of a real test system in an individual package is quite comparable to the price of analysis in a private laboratory. Discounts on such products are possible, but they will not be radical.

Before buying a test for home use, Rospotrebnadzor also recommends finding it on the Roszdravnadzor website. The department notes that any test used must have a registration certificate, and its availability can be checked on the Roszdravnadzor website.

When buying a “home” test for coronavirus, you also need to take into account that its result is not always comparable in accuracy with laboratory research. “The express test assumes getting the result as quickly as possible. For the sake of speed, manufacturers sometimes sacrifice quality – such tests have a lower sensitivity and specificity than those intended for use by professionals, ”the portal quotes Rospotrebnadzor specialists.

Diagnosis is not a substitute for consulting a doctor. Only a doctor can make a correct and objective diagnosis.

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