Oct 30, 2021
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What is the rep tape used for in sewing?

What is the rep tape used for in sewing?

A rep ribbon is a strip of fabric with a small width, which has ribs concentrated along the entire length.

People who have recently started to get involved in sewing or needlework, most likely, do not know what a rep ribbon is. They do not understand how it differs from tape or standard tape. In fact, a rep tape is a strip of fabric, characterized by a small width, which has ribs concentrated along its entire length. On both sides, such products have a similar design.


Previously, only twisted silk fibers were used to prepare a rep ribbon. But since the cost of such raw materials was expensive, not all people could afford such an acquisition. To reduce the cost of such products, wool fibers, cotton and a little silk were introduced into the composition. Therefore, many can afford such an attribute.

Characteristic features of rep tape

In order to choose from among the extensive assortment just such a rep tape in bulk that meets the specified standards and requirements, you should pay attention to several basic parameters.

  1. Width. It can be 0.5-5 cm. But most people buy ribbons, the width of which is 2.5 cm or 4 cm. Such products are often used by people who are engaged in household handicrafts.
  2. The form. This parameter remains stable for all manufacturers. Most manufacturers produce tapes that are additionally equipped with perforations.
  3. Shades. There are many accessories available for sale in a variety of shades. But quite often colors such as beige, white, black and blue are used for these purposes.
  4. The degree of hardness. Manufacturers use threads for the preparation of this product, which stand out for the optimal level of density. Therefore, you can choose and purchase products that will be soft, hard or with an average level of hardness. For example, denser models are used to decorate shoes or clothes, thin and not very dense models are used to decorate accessories.
What is the rep tape used for in sewing?

Why should you buy rep ribbons from trusted suppliers?

In order to select and purchase quality products, it is worthwhile to take a responsible approach to the choice of a supplier for cooperation. This will allow you to get several significant benefits:

  1. Possibility of choosing the required accessory. This is due to the fact that manufacturers supply a fairly large assortment.
  2. High level of quality. This result is achieved due to the fact that only dense and high-quality fibers are used for preparation.
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