Aug 13, 2022
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What is the price of a gel manicure and where should it be done in Kyiv?

What is the price of a gel manicure and where should it be done in Kyiv?What is the price of a gel manicure and where should it be done in Kyiv?

Recently, gel polishes have almost replaced regular ones, and all because this is an excellent solution for those who take care of themselves and want to spend a minimum of time and effort on a manicure. To get a quality service, girls turn to salons. One of the most popular is Fast Line Studio, where the price of manicure gel and other services is quite affordable. But before you go to a beauty salon, it does not hurt to know the answers to the most common questions:

  • What are the advantages of such a procedure?
  • What is the wear time?
  • What is the price for a manicure?
  • Are the materials safe?

All these questions can be asked to the master before recording or you can find answers to your questions on the official website of the Fast Line Studio salon.

How long does gel polish last on nails?

The first and main plus of gel polish coating is a long wear life. To cover the nails of the hands – it’s almost a month, for a pedicure longer. But not everything is so simple. Preparing the nails and applying the materials is more time consuming and expensive, and the procedure is more complicated than with conventional lacquer. In addition, this requires at least a basic set: tools and supplies for filing nails and removing skin formations, a lamp, materials to consolidate the result.

Types of manicure

Before recording, it is also important to decide on the type of manicure. It is conditionally possible to divide a manicure into:

  1. Single phase. For her use a tool that consists of a base, color and top coat. It applies quickly, but stays on the nails for less than two to three weeks.
  2. Two-phase. Base and color in one bottle plus top. It will also save time, but the durability is lower than desired.
  3. Three-phase classic. A base coat is applied, then the main color and finish (top). Such a system is the most popular, and its “wearability” is over three weeks.

Where is the best place to get a manicure?

Going to a good salon will protect you from such unpleasant moments as damage to the nail or skin, an allergic reaction, and poor workmanship. In the Fast Line Studio salon, the client can completely relax and entrust his hands to professionals without worrying about anything. Manicure and gel polish requires certain knowledge and practical skills. In the Fast Line Studio salon, experienced craftsmen who have received education work, and proven products of good quality are used for work.

The master will perform a manicure in the following sequence:

  • prepare nails and perform hardware manicure;
  • degrease the nail plate;
  • strengthen nails (if necessary);
  • make a base coat and leveling;
  • help to choose the main color and apply it;
  • will decorate (at the request of the client);
  • will complete the process with a top coat.

Prices for manicure in the salon Fast Line Studio

The cost of the service depends on the complexity of the work and the amount of materials. The cheapest will be the usual color coating. Decor on nails or a drawing costs a little more. Building up takes the most time and materials, so this procedure is considered the most expensive.

Removing the gel coat

The gel polish system is sawn off with a cutter or removed using a special liquid. In either case, there is a great danger of damage to the skin or nail plate. Therefore, it is better when a master does such work. In the salon, the removal takes about 5-10 minutes.

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