Nov 6, 2021
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What is the difference between satin and ranfors

What is the difference between satin and ranfors

In this publication, we will look at how satin differs from ranfors and what is better to use for bed linen.

The best material for bedding in our time is cotton, which has all the necessary qualities and characteristics, but, as it turned out, cotton can be different.

More precisely, there are enough types of cotton to get confused and confused when choosing a duvet cover, pillowcases and sheets. Calico, satin, ranfors – these are all cotton, only now it differs slightly from each other and, first of all, in price.

What is better for bed linen – satin or ranfors? Let’s figure out what kind of fabrics they are and how they differ from each other, in order to know for sure which is more suitable in each specific case and which is better to choose.

What kind of bedding should be, that is, bed linen? Safe, beautiful and pleasant to the touch. Probably that’s all.

Cotton meets all these requirements (of course, high quality cotton).

Benefits and characteristics of ranforce

  • Both ranfors and satin are natural cotton fabric. The density of the ranforce fabric is higher than that of coarse calico, which is an advantage.
  • The fabric is strong and durable. With proper care, ranforce can withstand up to 300 washes without loss of quality and color.
  • The soft and smooth texture gives a pleasant tactile sensation.
  • Antiallergenicity is ensured due to such an important property as the absence of dust accumulation in the fibers.
  • Thermoregulation is a very important property that enables the fabric to be used as bed linen. It is warm under it in winter, and not hot in summer.
  • The fabric is “breathable”, that is, air passes freely through the fibers, which is very important for bedding.
  • Easy to care for.
  • Does not get electrified.
  • Relatively low price in comparison with satin and calico.
  • High hygienic properties: the fabric absorbs moisture well (good hygroscopicity) and excellent air permeability.

Benefits and characteristics of satin

  • Satin is also 100% cotton, it’s just that the technology of creation is slightly different, including the method of twisting the threads.
  • Satin also has properties such as density and durability. Such fabric, without losing its original appearance, with proper care, withstands about 300 washes.
  • The smooth glossy surface of satin makes it a popular and favorite choice of many buyers. Some even note that the surface of the fabric is slippery, silky and cool, but this is only from the front side, but from the wrong side, the fabric is soft and warm. This is the main distinguishing property of satin from other types of cotton fabrics.
  • It is hypoallergenic and does not accumulate dust in itself, which is very important.
  • Low crease of satin is another important advantage over ranfors, because satin practically does not change its shape.
  • It maintains body temperature, so in summer it may even be hot to sleep on satin, but in winter it will be ideal – it will be warm and cozy.
  • High quality satin fabric resembles silk to the touch, which can be both an advantage and a disadvantage, depending on the preferences of each individual.
  • The external characteristics of satin make it possible not to even cover the bed with a separate bedspread, it looks so great.
  • High hygienic properties of a high quality ranfors with a composition of 100% cotton: the fabric absorbs moisture well (good hygroscopicity) and excellent air permeability.
  • Does not get electrified.
  • The high cost automatically classifies such products as Premium.

Which is better for bed linen – ranfors or satin

What qualities should the fabric of bedding have:

  • Hygroscopicity
  • Strength
  • 100% premium cotton
  • Smoothness
  • The ability to pass air
  • Color fastness
  • Antiallergenicity
  • Wear resistance

According to the studied characteristics and hygienic properties of these two cotton fabrics, we can say with confidence that both of these materials are excellent for sewing bed linen. True, if you want a more glossy and silky texture, then it is better to buy a satin set. Ranforce is more matte.

At the price, ranforce is an order of magnitude cheaper than satin, so in this case, you can significantly save on the purchase of a sheet, pillowcase and duvet cover.

Both of these cottons have excellent performance and durability when properly cared for.

In general, in terms of their properties, both of these fabrics are very similar to each other.

By the way, ranforce is even considered an improved version of coarse calico (its density is higher, and it is also smoother and more silky).

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