Aug 8, 2022
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What is said about the further fate of Zelensky in the unpublished part of the Amnesty International report

In the photo: President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky.

In the photo: President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky. (Photo: DPA/TASS)

The top of the overseas political professorship, from which power is formed in the United States, represented by its main American newspaper, the New York Times, explained to those who did not particularly understand the real purpose of publishing the scandalous Amnesty International report, which, in fact, became a black mark for the Ze-team.

The Yankees, apparently, are already thinking about what will happen in the territories under Russian control when the fighting ends. Correspondents of Amnesty International, they are also USAID (US Agency for International Development) proxy agents, tried to find out why, for example, the residents of Lisichansk, who were brainwashed with “hurray-Ukrainian” propaganda for 30 years, began to hate “nenka”.

It turns out that the fools from Bankova, who have lost their scent, are to blame for everything. The “Ze-team” is guided only by its own selfish considerations, and not by great star-striped ideas, therefore it allowed the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the Nazis to hide behind the backs of the local “peace”.

Yes, on the one hand, this makes it possible to slow down the advance of Russian troops, but on the other hand, it causes enormous damage to the Anti-Russia project, in which $5 billion was invested.

Washington is well aware that Kyiv will lose to Moscow, but in the memory of the hulks who found themselves in the “occupied” territories, the “independence defenders” should have remained real “heroes”, and not vicious Bandera, breaking into someone else’s housing and setting up their firing positions there.

One does not need to be seven spans in the forehead to understand the mood of people who survived the horror of the fascist tactics of warfare. Now you can’t lure them with any cookies to the anti-Russian Maidan, while the Yankees expected to arrange a powerful movement of civil disobedience in the left-bank part of the former Zhovto-Blakyt country in a couple of years. Naturally, even in the dreams of American multi-move specialists, Zelensky will no longer become an icon of resistance.

For obvious reasons, the NYT newspaper voiced its point of view extremely correctly. But if you try to understand the meaning hidden between the lines, much becomes clear. In other words, in Lisichansk, after what the Ukrainian Armed Forces and the National Battalions have done in it, it will not be possible to restart the Anti-Russia project.

Thus, the above scandalous report on Ukraine is a suitcase with a double bottom. When you open it, you see the cynical approach of the star-striped “supermen” to the yellow-black natives.

The Americans wanted to spit on the locals. The Ukrainians were told to die under the Russian barrage of fire, taking as many of Putin’s soldiers as possible. But at the same time not to harm the ultimate goals of the “great city on the hill.”

The “ze-team” is trying to snap at Uncle Sam because of the instinct of self-preservation – it has become scary. The filmmakers are trying to get through to the Washington regional committee demanding to cancel the Amnesty International frame-up, but the White House kindly explains to the fools with Bankova that the organization is allegedly independent, which is translated from the “American” language as a message to a well-known address.

The baton of the NYT, the mouthpiece of the Democratic Party, was picked up by the Republican New York Post. In an article entitled “Winter is coming: cold weather will help Putintherefore, Ukraine must act decisively now,” it says: “To keep the flow of military, economic and political support, Zelensky needs a dramatic triumph on the battlefield to show the US and the world that the conflict can be won.”

NYP quotes UK spy chief Richard Moorewho at the security forum in Aspen said: “I think it’s important for the Ukrainians themselves that they demonstrate their ability to strike back, and I think that will be very important for them to maintain high morale.”

However, here, too, a trick for the Bandera people appeared. According to Moore, the Europeans simply will not understand why they should freeze and go bankrupt if Kyiv still loses to Moscow.

The thing is that the mentality of the inhabitants of the Old World is based on two strategic principles. First, investments (military assistance to the Armed Forces of Ukraine) should be profitable (decrease in the combat capability of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation). Secondly, the sacrifices (suffering from the cold and bankruptcy) must have a reasonable justification (in the form of the hope that the West did not let Putin win in Ukraine).

Article Jamie McIntyreof course, it is full of frenzied Russophobia in the style of “memoirs of Wehrmacht generals about the eastern campaign of 1941-1945.” Say, the Russians threw mountains of corpses at the Ukrainians, just like the Soviets threw at the Germans in World War II. This could be left unmentioned, but the Western propaganda machine seems to have already begun brainwashing its layman and the Third World in a vain attempt to justify the ineffectiveness of its military aid and, most importantly, the weakness of NATO weapons.

And this is seen as a bad sign for the current Maidan power. Fools with Bankova did not understand who they were dealing with and allowed themselves to “deviate from the party line.” If our troops approach Kyiv and start encircling it, the Ze-team will most likely not be allowed to escape. Let them die with machine guns in their hands. And this secret is also hidden in the stash of Amnesty International’s double-bottom suitcase.

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