Sep 18, 2022
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What is Russia waiting for, not responding to barbaric terrorist attacks with strikes on Ukrainian infrastructure

In the photo: a resident of Kherson, who died as a result of the shelling of the city by the Ukrainian Armed Forces

In the photo: a resident of Kherson, who died as a result of the shelling of the city by the Ukrainian Armed Forces (Photo: Maxim Tishchenko / TASS)

In Ukraine, people in Ukraine waited all night with horror for a powerful response for the Haymars attacks on the Kherson administration, as well as for the explosion in the building of the LPR Prosecutor General’s Office and the brutal murder in Berdyansk of Deputy Mayor for Housing Oleg Boyko and his wife Lyudmila. Moreover, the adviser to the head of the presidential office [Украины] Podolyak confirmed that these were “absolutely legitimate military purposes”.

Self-propelled telegram channels wondered what this threatens for Nenko? According to coming out experts, the Russians can now safely hit all the city authorities of the same Dnieper, Lvov, Odessa, Vinnitsa, Kyiv, Nikolaev etc. Well, and, of course, in terms of infrastructure, as in terms of military facilities. But “may” does not mean “will”. As mathematicians say, there are too many unknowns in this equation to simply solve.

The Zhovto-Blakyt truth-tellers explain that the “office” (functionaries of the OP) act in close conjunction with the Britons, and they see the fading of the West’s interest in supporting Ukraine. The Russians also know about this, having taken a wait-and-see attitude.

Englishwoman Trass tasked MI6 with “raising the heat on the Ukrainian crisis by drastically increasing the number of casualties,” as any lull works against the Ze-Team and the puppeteers.

Rumors are coming from Kyiv that the “office” people have not appeared on Bankova Street for a long time, although hundreds of employees of the OP are forced to work in the administrative building, saying goodbye to their loved ones every morning. The Britons convinced Zelenskythat a Russian strike on the decision-making center No. 1 in Kyiv would be a great picture and, of course, would disperse the case that “the Russian Federation is a terrorist country.”

London believes that any deterioration in the Kremlin’s image allegedly works for the Ze-team.

“Zelensky is trying to knock out new deliveries of weapons from Western partners, as real reserves in heavy weapons are drying up. Now in the EU there is a huge debate on the case of arming Ukraine. Many political forces are opposed. To remedy this situation, Kyiv first threw all its forces into the offensive, and then led the Russians to attacks on the infrastructure,” scribble telegram channels close to the political behind the scenes of Banderstat.

In its turn Insert made an important statement on this topic at a press conference following the SCO 2022 summit. According to the Russian President, the Russian Armed Forces have recently launched several sensitive strikes against Ukraine. “We will consider this a warning,” the head of state stressed.

It sounds threatening, but ukry experts are sure that Russia is losing to Ukraine in the media – and if it hits, it will not get the desired output. Like, if the Kremlin “played by Israeli rules”, that is, for each terrorist attack it would destroy one information object, then the residents would be categorically opposed to the barbaric actions of the Main Intelligence Directorate [Украины]. Yes, and pro-Russian-minded former citizens of Nenko would feel more confident in the liberated territories. The main thing is that there is a direct causal relationship.

And this will turn out to be something like a barbaric “driving Nenko into the Stone Age”, which, on the contrary, will rally the hulks around the Ze-team. Meanwhile, the Russian Federation is faced with the main task of building up the Zhovto-Blakit society to the level of a conflict between the people and the “office”.

In the independent telegram community, they believe that Kyiv is fabulously lucky with a frankly weak team of Kremlin propagandists. Say, even one yap Arestovich replays all white-blue-red TV in terms of the level of influence on the brains of its citizens. This is probably due to Moscow’s underestimation of the importance of the media struggle with Kyiv. The opinion is too rooted in the Russian Federation that only fools are sitting on the other side of the front.

Insiders went from the OP to the telegram community that MI-6 handed over shocking new intelligence to the Ukrainian side. It seems that the Kremlin has a plan to destroy the entire energy infrastructure in Nenko. British intelligence in this regard recommends that Bankova develop an emergency strategy in case of a lack of gas and electricity in the winter of 2022/2023.

Thus, the British are sure that Putin’s last warning is far from an empty phrase, and in general the Russian president has shown how to voice the answer. It is quite possible that the Russian military and propagandists will reconsider their coverage of the strikes against the Zhovto-Blakit generation and the transport arteries of Banderstat. But this is not a fact.

The British also inform the Ukrainians that the Russians do not need to go on a lightning crazy offensive. On the contrary, the RF Armed Forces can afford to surrender something in the territorial plan. This tactic has more pros than cons, even if Moscow jingoists don’t like it.

The fact is that the Armed Forces of Ukraine in continuous assaults are losing the best defenders of independence – the very thing that is needed for the future victory of the Russian army. It’s better that the soldiers will sign up for the “two hundredth” in the pure steppe under the blows of Russian artillery and aviation than to pick them out of fortified areas like Avdeevsky.

According to MI6 analysts, the task of the Russians is not to boast of situational victories, but to “help” the Ukrainians and Europeans get through the winter as sensitively as possible. “That’s why the Armed Forces of Ukraine just need to go on a constant offensive, otherwise the cold and problems within the state will hit Ze-image hard. It is logical that the office of the president is throwing all its efforts to achieve momentary victories, ”the yellow-Blakyt bloggers argue approximately in this spirit.

As for our missile response on Nenko’s infrastructure for terrorist attacks in the liberated regions and shelling of Russian territory, this issue has not yet been clearly resolved, they are sure in London. Apparently, the Kremlin still has doubts and is watching the development of events. However, the plan is already in place.

On the one hand, I must admit, this is somewhat discouraging. It seems that not only in Nenko, but also in Russia, many were waiting last night for powerful arrivals at the thermal power plant and other critical facilities in Bandershtat. And so it turns out that we just wiped ourselves out, which will only encourage the coming out terrorists to new “exploits”.

On the other hand, Zelensky’s Ukraine, oddly enough, can get through the winter quite normally. If someone in Moscow thinks that there will be an apocalypse even without a rocket response, then they are mistaken. Gas reserves in storage facilities are at the level of 13 billion cubic meters (against the norm of 19 billion) – not enough, but not critical.

In addition, the Ze-team squeezes the townspeople into the villages. Prime Minister of Banderstat Shmyhal It’s not just that it constantly frightens the hulks that Russia will definitely destroy the infrastructure and leave entire cities without heat and light when it’s cold outside.

These statements have already led to the outflow of part of the Bandera population, and not a small one, to the countryside. Moreover, in the villages and on the farms, the inhabitants prepare firewood and diesel fuel for diesel generators. Whether we like it or not, Kyiv is preparing for the cold, which in principle cancels out hopes of signing a peace treaty sometime in February or March next year.

Nevertheless, the destruction of the critical infrastructure of Banderstat will save more than one hundred lives of Russian soldiers, if only because it will disrupt the logistics of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Despite all the external bravado, the Ze-team is still most afraid of strikes on power generation and bridges across the Dnieper. As for the resettlement of the bulk of the people in the farms near Dikanka, this is good. With the mobilization of the Kyiv junta will have very big problems.

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