Apr 18, 2021
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What is lack of taste and how to deal with it

What is lack of taste and how to deal with it

Few can boast of excellent taste. He either is, or he is not – there is no third. Although the question of the presence of this very taste in itself is quite controversial. How can this be determined? This is what we will try to figure out today.

We offer you a little test. There are 5 signs that indicate bad taste. How many of them have you watched yourself?

Golden fever

Of course, gold is a noble metal, we have nothing against it. Rather, we are against excesses. Putting on all the gold from the box is bad taste. The abundance of gold in the image has long gone out of fashion. Gold does not make the image more expensive, rather the opposite.

This rule also applies to golden things. We do not argue that the golden color is appropriate when creating evening looks. Dresses with a metallic sheen look luxurious. But in everyday looks, it is better to refuse gilding.

Black shoes for any outfit

Another mistake many girls make. Black shoes are undoubtedly a universal and always relevant thing, but putting them on under every outfit is the last century. More often they are perfectly replaced by shoes of a different color, and the image takes on a completely different look. So it’s high time to replenish your shoe collection.

Tights in hot and cold weather

In the cold, tights are just right, but in the summer they are a little out of place. It’s one thing when the dress code forces you to wear them all year round, and quite another when you voluntarily put them on under a summer dress and go for a walk. And it’s even worse when tights are combined with sandals. Do not do it this way.


Sadly to admit, monotony is a sign of a lack of good taste. Sticking to one style is not bad, but you need to introduce some variety.

Catchy clothes

Alas, catchy colors and elaborate decorations immediately indicate bad taste. Here’s a wake-up call. Bright clothes are not at all taboo, but they need to be correctly woven into images. As well as massive jewelry. But never use them together. Massive jewelry is better for a modest classic outfit, and sophisticated jewelry for a catchy suit.

No wonder they say: “Simple, but tasteful.” This is the main truth. You need to be able to choose a simple and modest outfit, but combine it stylishly. Then you will fully show your excellent taste.

What do you say, how many of the signs did you notice for yourself? Do not worry, we will not condemn, we are all not without sin. If you think so, then there is nothing terrible in it, a matter of taste. The main thing is to dress so that you like it.

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