Dec 29, 2020
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What is known about the health of Sergei Zhigunov, who was admitted to the hospital?

Sergei Zhigunov was admitted to the hospital with a coronavirus infection. The actor himself announced this on his page on the social network.

On Monday, December 28, the artist wrote on his Instagram that he fell ill and is in the Yalta hospital for patients with COVID-19, which operates on the basis of the Livadia hospital. He also posted a photo showing an oxygen valve and a man in protective clothing.

According to the 57-year-old actor, he stopped smelling and tastes. As noted by doctors, this is a common symptom in COVID-19.

“It looks like the most unusual New Year in my life awaits me. The smell of the Christmas tree and even the taste of Olivier are not available to me. But since the love of life in a person cannot be defeated, I will look at this Olivier. I have eaten it so many times that I will somehow remember the taste, ”Zhigunov wrote.

He also thanked the doctors at the hospital for their timely assistance. “Excellent doctors work in the Yalta covid hospital, deployed on the basis of the Livadia hospital, thanks to them, because it is not known what would have ended. Be healthy. Happy New Year! ”Concluded the actor.

According to Rossiyskaya Gazeta, Sergei Zhigunov has his own house in the village of Gurzuf, so he often visits Crimea. According to Starhit and Cosmopolitan, the actor who recently divorced his wife, an actress Vera Novikova, went there with his new lover – a journalist Victoria Vorozhbit. Officially, the couple does not confirm or comment on the fact of their relationship.

Vorozhbit also wrote on her Instagram page that she fell ill with coronavirus. She said she had a high fever and was hospitalized by doctors.

“A lot of things have happened these days – an ambulance, hospitalization, liters of medicine through a vein, temperature under 40,” she said.

Vorozhbit added that now all “the most dramatic is over,” but she is not feeling very well yet. “There is no strength yet, it’s like minced meat instead of organs inside, but it seems that the equator has been passed, and we are on our way to recovery!” She wrote.

According to the journalist, she followed all the precautions – she left for a small town, did not communicate with anyone, wore a mask, and nevertheless fell ill.

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