Dec 31, 2020
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What is known about China’s Sinopharm coronavirus vaccine?

Sinopharm’s Chinese vaccine against coronavirus infection COVID-19 enters the global market. This was reported by Chen Shifei, Deputy Head of the State Administration of Pharmaceutical Products of the People’s Republic of China

According to him, the vaccine has proven its effectiveness and safety. After two injections, the vaccinated people developed high titer antibodies, the protective efficacy of the COVID-19 vaccine was 79.34%. Now the drug is undergoing clinical trials in a number of countries, and in China itself it is already being used as part of a campaign for emergency vaccination of the population against COVID-19.

The PRC was among the first to develop a vaccine against COVID and conduct clinical trials, but at the beginning of the third phase of trials, Chinese experts were faced with the fact that there was virtually no virus in the country and, accordingly, a suitable environment for conducting all the necessary tests. As a result, the third stage of clinical tests began to be carried out mainly in other countries – in Russia, Bahrain, the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Jordan, Peru, Argentina, etc. In total, more than 60 thousand people took part in tests abroad, of which 40 thousand were re-vaccinated.

At the moment, Bahrain and the UAE have already approved the use of the drug. It also became known that Ukraine has signed an agreement to supply 1.8 million doses of the Chinese vaccine.

What is known about the Chinese coronavirus vaccine?

The vaccine was developed by the China National Biotec Group (CNBG), a division of the largest Chinese pharmaceutical corporation Sinopharm. This is the first coronavirus vaccine approved for general use, not just emergency use. The drug is an inactivated vaccine (i.e., a killed vaccine consisting of microbial particles that have been grown in culture and then killed by heat treatment or by exposure to formaldehyde).

Vaccination uses a two-dose regimen. CNBG announced plans to produce up to 1 billion doses in 2021.

The Sinopharm vaccine, among other drugs, is already being used in China as part of an emergency program launched in July 2020. The effectiveness of the vaccine is still lower than the declared results of trials of the American RNA vaccines Pfizer and Moderna, which declared the effectiveness of more than 90%. However, the result of the Chinese vaccine is better than that of the British drug from AstraZeneca Corporation, which showed a result of 70 to 55%.

What are the side effects of the Chinese vaccine?

The vaccine of the Chinese pharmaceutical company Sinopharm is still in the third phase of clinical trials. According to Chairman of the Board of Sinopharm Liu Jingzhen, from those who received the vaccine, so far no serious adverse reactions have been reported.

The UAE’s National Emergency Management and Natural Disaster Management Agency (NCEMA), which monitored clinical trials of the vaccine in the United Arab Emirates, said a number of trial participants experienced minor side effects such as sore throat.

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