Sep 12, 2021
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What is infodemia

WHO sees the world as a big barnyard and participates in the creation of a global Ministry of Truth

V George Orwell in 1984, the Ministry of Truth was engaged in falsifying history, rewriting it, re-interpreting the facts of the past, and creating fictional events. All the activities of the Ministry of Truth, as well as other departments (the Ministry of Love, the Ministry of Peace and the Ministry of Abundance) were aimed at strengthening the power of the ruling party and its leader – Big Brother.

The Ministry of Truth, which is being created before our eyes, surpasses the agency of the same name from Orwell’s novel.

At first, Orwell’s Ministry of Truth was only concerned with “correcting” history. The ministry of truth being created today aims to “correct” information pertaining to all areas of life.

Secondly, Orwell’s “correct information” was conveyed to a person through such channels as mass media, books, educational institutions. The main tools for delivering the “truth” were printed publications, radio and television. Today, “correct information” is communicated via the Internet and social media. The flow of “correct information” has increased a thousandfold.

Thirdly, The Ministry of Truth in 1984 was an agency of the State of Oceania. Connoisseurs of the novel say that this Oceania occupies a third of the globe and includes America, Great Britain, South Africa, Australia and Oceania itself. In addition, there are two more giant states in the Orwellian world – Eurasia and Eastasia. In Orwell’s world, there is a continuous war between them, and Oceania does not control the whole world. And the Ministry of Truth, which is being built today, wants to make all mankind happy with its “truth”.

Orwell’s Ministry of Truth was located in a high-rise building in central London. The current Ministry has no spatial reference, it is a network structure. Some of its elements can be identified, these are IT corporations that manage the Internet and social networks: Apple, Microsoft, Amazon, Google, Facebook and some others. Many leading IT corporations are headquartered and subdivisions in California, Silicon Valley.

In 2020, another organization, the World Health Organization (WHO), joined the construction of the global Ministry of Truth. The work of WHO since the beginning of last year is an example of how information can and should be redone, white turning into black and black into white. Under the banner of WHO’s fight against the “pandemic”, a revolution in medical science is being carried out with the aim of rebuilding the consciousness of billions of people.

WHO claims to be the global Ministry of Health. Orwell’s Ministry of Love was called the Department of Interrogation and Torture. In the same way, behind the signboard of the global Ministry of Health, there will be a body that will carry out a “dictatorship of health” on a scale of humanity (distancing, self-isolation, lockdowns, continuous vaccinations). At the same time, WHO is providing invaluable assistance in establishing a worldwide Ministry of Truth.

On March 11, 2020, the head of WHO declared the COVID-19 viral infection a “pandemic”. The dumbfounded doctors could not digest this statement, since the scale of the spread of the infection at that time was very far from even an ordinary epidemic.

Today, the main task of WHO is to combat the “pandemic” by vaccinating all of humanity, more precisely 60-70 percent of the world’s inhabitants (many states have already reproduced these figures in their installations for the population). Moreover, most drugs have not passed the necessary clinical trials and are considered experimental (these are not vaccines in the strict sense of the word). Products have the status of experimental drugs Pfizer / BioNTech, Moderna, Johnson & Johnson… Only on August 23, the American regulator FDA translated Pfizer / BioNTech from the category of experimental drugs to the category of vaccines. That is, WHO has encouraged and continues to encourage experimentation with hundreds of millions of people.

By the way, George Orwell foresaw this development of events, he described them in the story “Animal Farm”.

WHO perceives the world as a large stockyard, with the inhabitants of which should be performed veterinary surgery. Some of the inhabitants of this courtyard dutifully agree with the operation; the other part understands that something bad is being planned – and resists.

Particularly dangerous for the organizers of universal vaccination are physicians who understand that this is not about saving people, but about a kind of efthanasia, covered by the words of “fighting the pandemic.” In the first months of the “pandemic” they somehow could express their opinions different from the WHO, then they began to shut their mouths. And the second priority of the WHO was the war on “infodemia”.

Over the past year and a half, in the context of the continuous “fight against the pandemic”, our language has been replenished with new words. One of them is infodemia. It was born in the bowels of the WHO. The Oxford English Dictionary (OED) defines infodemia as the dissemination of diverse, often unsubstantiated information about crisis events, which is broadcast uncontrollably in the media and increases the nervous atmosphere in society. The term was coined in 2003 during the SARS SARS epidemic, but has been actively used since last year, when the WHO said that infodemic was no less dangerous than a pandemic.

Last year, WHO activated another word – “infodemiology”. It was also born in the early 2000s in the bowels of the WHO. The authorship is attributed to a Canadian physician Gunther Eisenbach, organizer and head of the World Congress “Internet in Medicine”. In fact, we are talking about a new discipline designed to develop methods of combating “infodemia”. Although “infodemiology” was born in the medical community, this discipline (if you call it that) is not medical. Infodemia can affect all spheres of public life – politics, economics, military affairs, culture, etc. WHO is an ideal platform for practicing universal methods of dealing with any infodemia. Previously, it was called an ideological struggle, in which, as you know, there is no peaceful coexistence.

In May 2020, at the World Health Assembly, WHO Member States adopted a resolution WHA73.1 on the fight against COVID-19. The resolution notes that solving the problem of infodemic is an important component of the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic.

In the summer of 2020, WHO hosted the first conference on infodemiology. The conference was held remotely (online), was very eventful and lasted from June 30 to July 16, 2020. The conference, as reported by WHO, brought together more than 100 experts from 35 countries, representing 20 different fields of professional activity and knowledge. Following the conference, in February 2021, WHO published a five-pronged research agenda to combat infodemia.

In terms of the practical fight against the so-called infodemia, WHO’s successes are incredible. Even before the announcement of a “pandemic” Andrew Pattinson, Head of Digital Operations for WHO, hosted a roundtable and signed an agreement with Google, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and 30 companies on censoring all information on COVID-19 and blocking information that contradicts the official position of WHO.

A large number of companies, non-profit organizations, websites have appeared in the digital space, which are engaged in “exposing fakes.” Under “fakes” are understood, among other things, the speeches and publications of authoritative scientists representing medical science, if they contradict the position of the WHO or do not coincide with it. So, the famous French virologist, Nobel Prize winner Luc Antoine Montagnier in the spring of 2020, he said that the threat of the coronavirus was exaggerated, that the infection did not fall into the category of a pandemic. The response from WHO and its assistants was immediate. First, all Montagnier’s speeches on this topic were blocked. Secondly, the Nobel Prize winner was accused of “stupidity”, “unprofessionalism”, “conspiracy”. A dozen “refutations” and “revelations” began to appear for each speech by a professional physician. They are all a collection of the same stamps; there are no substantive scientific discussions in such materials.

The fight against “infodemia”, which the WHO is waging in conjunction with companies in Silicon Valley, is very reminiscent of the medieval Inquisition. A number of countries are preparing or have already passed laws providing for judicial liability for the spread of “fakes”. Remember: George Orwell’s dissent was not only fought by the Ministry of Truth, but also by the Ministry of Love.

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