Sep 12, 2021
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What is having many children?

Putin’s words that a large family should become a national idea have already caused a flurry of interpretations in the media. Everyone is trying to figure out what the president meant when he put the investigation ahead of the premise. Indeed, it is true that having many children is a consequence of the way of thinking, basic worldview, what a person considers good or evil for himself.

If one suspects that Putin wanted to reach higher meanings through demography, then such a hypothesis has the right to life. After all, it is useless to talk seriously about a certain universal meaning. It is known that there are 4 categories of the human race, for which the highest meanings are contained in different things, and fertility is characteristic of only one of them. More precisely, two, but the first one does it this way, and the second strives for this consciously.

The first group is looking for the meaning of life in work and skill. Their children are born as if automatically.
The second group is looking for wealth. The values ​​of the clan are important for her, she specially creates it in order to pass on the inheritance.
True, these two categories do not bother raising children, in the former they grow like weeds under a fence, while the latter believe that they gave money for prestigious schools and universities – and, most importantly, did. They have many children, half are illegitimate.

The other two groups are convincingly small. Some are looking for power, others for self-improvement.
These latter can be without children at all. They believe that the meaning of life is evolution, and giving life to the next generations is the meaning of a bull’s life. Man is alive in spirit, not belly.

These are 4 different scales of values, and it is impossible to unite their carriers together. For some, work is important, for others – money, for others – career and power, and for others – spiritual development. Children in all these ethical systems are a by-product. It is impossible to find a common denominator here. It is unlikely that Putin proceeds from this, but if you start with children, then one way or another you will come to some meanings. And it doesn’t matter what they are originally. Wherever they come from, everyone will come to one point.

Having many children is a village ethic. The townspeople have few children. Large families are characteristic of the agrarian and patriarchal way of life. Urbanization and policies do not provide a material base for large families. Here they survive alone, not as a team.

So, starting a campaign for large families, you need to turn upside down everything that humanity has done since the Renaissance. Human rights are about child-free, emancipation and LGBT people, not about large families. We must change our understanding of progress. Religious processions and children’s payments alone will not solve the issue here.

In a material sense, we will always be justified that children need income from the top of the middle and upper classes. And if this does not exist, then there is no point in giving birth. In the paradigm of liberalism, fertility is not cultivated. Tradition gives birth, and therefore if we want real demography, we must end with liberalism. Until he finished with all of us.

Alexander the Great

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