Dec 31, 2020
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What is good for mothers to eat at the beginning of pregnancy?

What is good for mothers to eat at the beginning of pregnancy?

The development of the fetus mainly depends on the rational nutrition of the young mother. The first trimester of a pregnant woman is time to think about a new regimen that will provide the child with useful organic substances.

Vegetable Salad – this is what you need. Tomatoes, cucumbers, Chinese cabbage are a spectrum of vitamins. If you add freshly squeezed juice to this dish, then a healthy breakfast will provide both the expectant mother and the child with an energy boost for the whole day.

Should I eat meat? Often this is the question that pregnant women are interested in. Without meat products, the expectant mother is threatened with fatigue and lethargy of the body, and all because the child and the mother’s stomach will not receive the necessary protein. In general, it is better to replace this product with the appropriate ones: cottage cheese, milk, cheese. Or you can eat foods that contain amino acids: peas or beans. Also, meat is an excellent substitute for fish, but you should not risk it. Soup for a pregnant woman must be eaten, but it must also exclude meat equivalents.

Many pregnant women usually abuse sweet or salty… Usually expectant mothers complain about their child, they say, the baby asks. In fact, the body reminds pregnant women to replenish fruits and nuts, which are extremely necessary for the development of the fetus. In general, you should forget about sweets, as it raises blood sugar levels, and this process will affect the child.

Salty should also be excluded. Salt tends to be detrimental to the kidneys. Not only during contractions, but during all nine months, pregnant women can experience tremendous anguish. And all wine is salt.

Many pregnant women think that increase in diet contribute to the active development of the growth of the baby. But this is not the case. If a child is born with a weight of more than four kilograms, then it becomes clear to doctors: the newborn has a metabolic disorder. This means that the baby will have problems with weight.

Every expectant mother needs to weigh herself as often as possible in order not only to keep track of the gained kilograms, but also to correctly calculate her diet.


The first trimester is an important period of pregnancy. It is during this time that the baby has the first signs of a living being. Therefore, you need to take care of nutrition from the moment you conceive a child. A dietitian can help in this matter, but, nevertheless, it is better to contact a gynecologist, who, first of all, will tell you about the needs of the baby.

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