Apr 19, 2021
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What is food synergy

What is food synergy

Since ancient times, people have noticed that some combinations of products are more successful than others. Today we call this food synergy – the combination of foods that maximizes the benefits to the body.

Food synergy is pronounced in 9 pairs presented by us. Vitamins and nutrients of these products successfully complement each other, which makes their assimilation much more efficient and complete.

Liver and bell pepper

Vitamin C significantly facilitates the absorption of iron, which plays an essential role in the enrichment of blood and body tissues with oxygen. Iron deficiency can lead to anemia (anemia), decreased immunity, and increased fatigue.

One of the richest sources of iron is beef liver. There is quite a lot of vitamin C (3-4 times more than in citrus fruits) in bell peppers.

Therefore, liver and bell peppers are the perfect duo for those suffering from anemia. Tomatoes, broccoli and kale will not spoil the company, which is called “superfood” due to its low calorie content and high nutrient content.

Oatmeal and milk

Good news for those who have breakfast with oatmeal and milk. The combination of magnesium in oatmeal and calcium in milk promotes more complete absorption of calcium. And how this affects the health of bones and teeth, I think, no one needs to tell.

Tomatoes and olive oil

The combination of red vegetables (tomatoes and carrots) rich in the natural antioxidant lycopene with unsaturated fats (olive oil, salmon, avocados, walnuts) helps us absorb 8 times more lycopene than if we eat the same tomatoes separately.

Lycopene is useful for the prevention of cancer and cardiovascular diseases. According to a number of studies, the higher the concentration of lycopene in the blood plasma, the lower the risk of stroke and heart attack, as well as the lower the level of “bad” cholesterol.

Apples and chocolate

The anti-inflammatory quercetin in apples and the catechins in chocolate work together to reduce thrombosis and improve cardiovascular health. It is better not to peel apples: there are a lot of useful substances in it.

Earlier we talked about the multivitamin apples of the Ural breeder Leonid Vigorov. The content of vitamins, minerals vital for us and natural antibiotics in the best of them is an order of magnitude higher than the average values.

Eggs and melon

This combination can hardly be called ordinary. It is useful in that you assimilate proteins along with healthy carbohydrates. The combination of these foods regulates insulin levels in the body and thereby reduces the risk of diabetes, cancer, inflammation and other diseases.

Soy and salmon

Isoflavin, which is found in soy, promotes better absorption of vitamin D in the body. As for fish, in particular salmon and tuna, they are especially high in this vitamin, which is so necessary for health.

Vitamin D reduces the risk of cancer, experts say. Frequent infections, constant fatigue, deterioration of the condition of teeth, hair and nails – these are not all signs of its deficiency.

Green tea and lemon

Green tea catechins inhibit the growth of cancer cells. Lemon juice promotes better absorption of these organic substances.

Fish and garlic

The fatty acids found in fish lower cholesterol levels, and garlic strengthens the heart. Their simultaneous consumption in food has an anti-inflammatory effect.

Buckwheat and poultry

Buckwheat goes well with poultry. Such meat contains zinc, which is needed to assimilate vitamin B6 contained in buckwheat. This vitamin plays an important role in the functioning of the nervous and immune systems.

If the beneficial properties of different products are combined with the mind, you can achieve an amazing effect. These successful combinations will multiply the benefits of food intake, complementing and enhancing the beneficial properties of each other.

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