Apr 19, 2021
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What is face pastiness and how to eliminate it

What is face pastiness and how to eliminate it

For those who are not used to visiting a beautician, the term “pasty face” sounds extremely ominous. Personally, when I first heard that I had this problem, I was terribly scared. But then, having grasped the essence of the issue, I realized that there was nothing critical in this.

Today we will help you to understand the meaning of this mysterious term, and also tell you how to fix this problem.

The swelling of the face is nothing more than a mild form of swelling of the skin. Additional symptoms of the presence of pastiness may be a decrease in skin elasticity, as well as an excessively pale color.

Unlike puffiness, pastiness is only a slight swelling of the face, which, for one reason or another, has ever appeared in everyone. However, you should not take this problem lightly. Indeed, in this case, a slight swelling runs the risk of developing into chronic facial edema.

All the reasons for the appearance of pasty face cannot be counted. The reason can be both an unhealthy lifestyle and a genetic predisposition. This process is influenced by dietary habits, and the general state of human health, and even his age.

Most often, this skin problem occurs due to frequent stress or poor sleep patterns.

As for age, in people 32–37 years old, pasty face can appear regularly. This is because with age, the skin becomes drier and more vulnerable to both external and internal factors.

Another reason for the occurrence of pastiness for women is PMS. And all because during this period a significant fluid retention occurs in the woman’s body (about 600 ml).

In these cases, pasty face is a natural physiological process, with the elimination of the consequences of which you can easily cope on your own.

In cases where it is accompanied by additional (not listed above) symptoms, you should immediately seek help from a specialist.

How to deal with pasty face

The most effective measures in the fight against pastiness of the face are self-massage and contrast washing. Moreover, if self-massage can be carried out only a couple of times a week, then washing must be made a habit.

A toning face mask will serve as an excellent aid in this struggle. It will not only increase the effectiveness of the above procedures, but will give the face a healthy glow.

When choosing face care products, you should take a close look at their composition. It is best to choose serums and creams with the presence of vitamin C. Since it helps to strengthen the walls of blood vessels, due to which there will be no trace of pastiness and bags under the eyes.

And components such as caffeine, vitamin K and citrulline will help increase the firmness and elasticity of the skin.

Among other things, you need to carefully monitor the maintenance of water balance in the body.

And do not forget that not only the appearance, but also the general well-being depends on the last point.

We hope these tips will help you successfully fight pastiness and keep your skin healthy.

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