Sep 16, 2020
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What is behind the transfer of Syrian militants to Azerbaijan?

Turkey interested in separating Nakhichevan from Azerbaijan

The human rights organization Afrin-Syria reports that the Turkish military in Syria is recruiting young mercenaries to be transported to Azerbaijan, offering salaries ranging from three to four thousand dollars a month.

For this purpose, militants of the pro-Turkish Syrian National Army (SNA) and officers who have deserted from the government army are recruited and trained. They are being trained in camps located between Afrin and Idlib. High salaries also attract young Kurds who have lost their jobs and livelihoods. According to the Afrin-Syria organization, about 150 mercenaries from Afrin have already arrived in Azerbaijan, mainly militias from the Samarkand Turkoman group.

While training at the Turkish military camps in Afrin and Idlib, each recruit receives $ 1,500 a month, and this amount will double upon completion of training. Through the Khavar-Kilis border crossing, the mercenaries enter the territory of Turkey, where they are trained for Azerbaijan.

Kurdish Agency Celebrated also reported that points of registration of mercenaries for transfer to Azerbaijan have opened in Jenderis, Raju and Afrin.

Russian "Nezavisimaya Gazeta" with reference to messages in telegram channels writes, what “About 500 Syrian militants have been deployed to Azerbaijan, mostly Turkomans from armed formations "Sultan Murad", Free Syrian Army and Khamzat""...

Photo: Anadolu

At the end of July, Turkey together with Azerbaijan held on the territory of the Nakhichevan Autonomous Republic of Azerbaijan, as well as near Baku, in Ganja, Kurdamir and Yevlakh, military exercises. Up to 5,000 personnel were involved in their training, and in the combat phase more than 2,600 people, over 200 armored vehicles, 180 missiles and artillery pieces, rocket launchers and mortars, 18 aircraft, helicopters and UAVs, more than 30 air defense systems. To simulate enemy actions, 800 targets were used.

According to official data, during the exercise, "Tasks of joint planning of operations of Azerbaijani and Turkish units, organization of interaction and comprehensive support of troops"...

The exercises took place against the background of the aggravated Armenian-Azerbaijani conflict, as well as on the eve of the Russian strategic military exercises Kavkaz-2020, in which, according to TASS, the military from Armenia, Belarus, China, Myanmar and Pakistan will take part.

It is in Nakhichevan that a Turkish military base can be created, which a number of Azerbaijani media are calling for. “The deployment of the Turkish military on the territory of Azerbaijan should not encounter obstacles from the outside, NATO will only be glad to see another South Caucasus country separate from Russia, especially since the presence of the Turkish military would become a stabilizing factor, balance forces and serve to prevent any military excesses similar to Tovuz "- writes the Azerbaijani portal "Mirror".

Turkish political scientist Engin Ozer notes that "The Turkish military is present in Nakhchivan anyway, why not give them official status"...

Baku political scientist, head of the South Caucasus political scientists club Ilgar Velizade believes that “Turkey is capable of redeploying its forces to Nakhchivan in a matter of minutes, for this there is no need for a military base on that territory. This is probably why the country's leadership does not force the issue of creating a military base in Nakhchivan "...

If the official deployment of Turkish troops on the territory of Azerbaijan for many reasons is unacceptable for both Azerbaijan and Turkey, then the transfer of pro-Turkish militants to Nakhichevan, which has a common border with Turkey, makes it possible to organize an effective hybrid war against Armenia, arranging raids on the border.

This is all the more important because in all the previous clashes, the overwhelming superiority of Azerbaijanis in the quality and quantity of military equipment was leveled by the superiority of the Armenian side in combat training and especially in mountain special training and moral motivation. Intervention in the constantly arising military conflicts of fighters trained by Turkish instructors may change the situation not in favor of the Armenian side.

Russian military analyst Alexander Sobyanin considers the most likely reason for the transfer of pro-Turkish militants from Syria to the internal political situation in the Republic of Azerbaijan itself, and primarily the situation in Nakhichevan. In an interview with FGC, he noted: “Do not forget that the Azerbaijani army has already suppressed armed riots in Nakhichevan, the reason for which was the corruption of officials sent from Baku”...

Turkey, Alexander Sobyanin believes, is interested in separating Nakhichevan from Azerbaijan, and “The transfer of pro-Turkish mercenaries from Syria to Nakhichevan can activate local militants disloyal to Baku, who are literally stuffed with Nakhichevan. Ultimately, Ankara can thus seek to destabilize Azerbaijan and overthrow Ilham Aliyev, who currently relies on Moscow's support in the event of internal instability. "...

The Nakhichevan Autonomous Republic (NAR) has an exceptional status, the likes of which is not found in any other post-Soviet republic. The Nakhichevan ASSR seceded from the USSR independently from the Azerbaijan SSR. The current constitutional status of the republic is "Nakhchivan Autonomous State is a democratic, legal, secular autonomous republic within the Republic of Azerbaijan"... At the same time, the status of "state within a state" is based on international law, since the Constitution of the NAR is based on the Constitution of the Republic of Azerbaijan, as well as on the Moscow and Kars international treaties of 1921. Also, the Armed Forces of the Azerbaijan Republic on the territory of the NAR have a special legal status. “Unlike Talysh districts around Lankaran on the Caspian Sea, in Nakhichevan, Baku always acts much more carefully and accurately- says Alexander Sobyanin. - Now, with a complete financial and military reshaping of the world under the pretext of "coronavirus danger", the legal status of Turkey's treaties between Kemal Ataturk and Soviet Russia and the USSR and the legal status of the Nakhichevan Autonomous Republic as a "state within a state" are becoming very important factors determining the boundaries and forms of military and hybrid military and information attacks in the Greater Caucasus region "...

If Turkey tries to destabilize the situation in Azerbaijan through the activation of militants in Nakhichevan, which, among other things, distracts Russia and Iran from the events in the Middle East, it can count on the support of Great Britain and the United States. During the last exacerbation of the Azerbaijani-Armenian conflict, both Turkey and Great Britain expressed support for Baku. The head of British intelligence MI6 recently became a personal friend of the current Turkish president, former British Ambassador to Turkey Richard Moore. And if we consider that the CIA was recently headed by the former US ambassador to Turkey, Gina Haspel, then the special interest of the Anglo-Saxons in Turkey's actions in the region is quite obvious.

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