Apr 17, 2021
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What is banned in Italy, according to the meticulous tourist

What is banned in Italy, according to the meticulous tourist

Travel should be enjoyed, bringing home only pleasant memories and positive energy. Today we will study the unspoken rules, the violation of which can greatly spoil your vacation in Italy.

In order to fully immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the country and at the same time not get into a mess, it is advisable to first study its features. Many laws are established by law, they are familiar and understandable to everyone. They can even talk about them in the cabin. However, we all know very well that there are many unwritten rules.

For such violations, you are unlikely to face serious punishment, but the general impression of you can be very unfortunate. In order not to feel judgmental and incomprehensible views, study our small list of features of Italian life.

Breaking spaghetti

Delicious pasta cooked according to all Italian rules should delight you with its aesthetic appearance too.

Drink coffee while eating

Italians truly believe that coffee spoils your appetite and prevents you from feeling the real taste of food. That is why it is better to order your favorite cappuccino after the main course.

Order food without paying immediately

It is advisable to immediately clarify how it is customary to pay in a particular institution.

Require special attention from service personnel

Italy is almost always crowded with tourists. Cafes and restaurants are bursting with visitors. The waiters are simply not able to give everyone enough time.

Neglect buying tickets

In Italy, no one buys tickets from the driver. Kiosks can be found everywhere.


Usually tip is left only in the highest class establishments. In ordinary cafes and eateries, this is not done.

Drink tomato juice

You can, for example, order tea or coffee, but not tomato juice!

Use an electric kettle

Occasionally they can be found in some hotels or bnb. However, this is more the exception than the rule.

Tuck the blanket into the duvet cover

Nobody in Italy does that. Usually the blanket is placed on top of another sheet. It’s much faster and more convenient!

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