Jun 16, 2022
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What holiday do we celebrate on June 16: what not to do, signs, who has an angel’s day

What holiday do we celebrate on June 16: what not to do, signs, who has an angel's day

On June 16, the Orthodox Church honors the memory of the martyr Lukillian. Read about the main taboos and signs of this day in the Styler material.

The martyr Lukillian lived in the 3rd century and was a pagan priest. After he renounced his faith and accepted Christianity, many pagans were converted to Christ by his hands. The Jews, learning about the activities of Lukillian, reported him to the head of the city, and soon the saint was thrown into prison. The Christian, along with other prisoners, was tortured for a long time, and then executed by beheading.

Traditions of the day

People call this day Lukyan Windmill. People called this date so because they judged future events by the direction of the wind: the south wind – the spring crop, the northwest – to wet weather and diseases, the east – to infections, the northeast – to long rains, the north – the day will be clear .

Determined the place where you need to dig a well. To do this, they took a frying pan or several pans and placed them on the ground in those places where they were going to dig a well. If the pan is wet from the inside, the water is close (ground water lies at a shallow depth), and this place is suitable for digging a well.

There was one ritual for girls. If there is a south wind, you need to go outside and stand so that it blows in the back, spread your arms and think about good things, love and a future family. Such a wind can bring a good groom. If a person already has a soul mate or is married, you need to go out and take a walk so that the south wind blows in the back – it will give the fulfillment of desires.

The main signs of this date

  • The whirlwind is holding on for a long time – the next few days will be clear weather.
  • Thunderstorm – haymaking will be bad.
  • Heavy rain – harvest of mushrooms.
  • At sunset, the sun’s rays are reflected on the other side of the sky – to a change in wind direction.
  • The dog eats little and sleeps poorly – to the rain.
  • The owl screams – to bad weather.
  • Abundant dew – expect a good harvest of flax.
  • The horse snorts – to precipitation.
  • In the morning fog spreads over the water – the weather will be cloudless.

What is forbidden to do on this day

  1. Do not carry a lot of money with you – there will be financial problems.
  2. You can not make large and expensive purchases – the money will be thrown away
  3. You can’t tell secrets, secret things, desires on the street. The wind will blow everything away, so that even the most secret things will be known to everyone, and desires will not come true.
  4. You can’t tell your dreams on the street.

Who has a name day on this day

Name days on June 16 are celebrated by Athanasius, Dionysius (Denis), Dmitry, Hypatius, Claudius, Lawrence, Lazar, Lukyan, Pavel, Pavel, Polina, Semyon, Sophia, Ulyana, Julian.

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