Feb 21, 2021
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What happens to the body if you drink a lot of tea every day?

What happens to the body if you drink a lot of tea every day?

“Shouldn’t we have some tea?” Most of us meet and see off guests with this phrase. The aromatic drink is considered a healing potion, and drinking it is a special tradition.

If tea is also green, no one doubts its medicinal properties: it is rich in antioxidants, invigorates well, lowers cholesterol levels, cleanses the body and is an ideal local anti-inflammatory agent.

Can I drink green tea

In the East, green and white tea is considered the most useful. Then there are yellow, red and black varieties. Many people don’t know that tea contains 4 times more caffeine than coffee. But from dry tea leaves caffeine is not completely extracted into the drink, its real content is always lower.

The post-Soviet tradition of drinking tea is similar to the tea ceremony in the Looking Glass, “in which everyone drinks tea like crazy.” We like to drink tea after breakfast, lunch and dinner, a couple of cups between work to quench our thirst. And whenever you get bored, you can while away the time with a fragrant drink. It seems to me that this is a lot.

We found out why you should not get carried away with tea drinking and what problems can arise against the background of prolonged use of green or black tea.

Bone destruction

Strongly brewed black tea contains a high concentration of fluoride, which, when consumed in excess, breaks down calcium compounds. First of all, tooth enamel suffers, teeth turn yellow, caries occurs. The risk of developing skeletal fluorosis and osteoporosis, which is excessive bone fragility, increases. Therefore, do not overuse the brewing during preparation and leave the drink for no more than 3-5 minutes.

Yellow teeth

Look at your cup: if there is a coating on its walls, it is better to refuse the tea that was brewed in it. After all, plaque stains not only the snow-white surface of the mug, but also the enamel of your teeth! Most often this applies to cheap tea bags, it can contain not only dyes and flavorings, but also low-quality tea leaves.

Heavy metals

In 2013, the results of a study of tea bags from different manufacturers were published in the Canadian Journal of Toxicology. In all samples, toxicologists found lead, aluminum, arsenic and cadmium! Heavy metals enter the plant from contaminated soil, and their concentration directly depends on brewing. The maximum amount of toxic substances is released into tea if it is brewed for 15-17 minutes.

Do not infuse the drink for more than 3 minutes. It is better to give preference to white tea, the leaves of which do not have time to accumulate harmful substances, because they are harvested young.

Nose bleed

The habit of drinking tea-boiling water can have a bad effect on the vessels of the nasopharynx and provoke bleeding. Regular consumption of hot food and drinks destroys the walls of the esophagus, and cancerous tumors often develop in areas of burns. You don’t have to wait long to get the optimal tea temperature (50–60 °). Let it brew for 5-7 minutes and the drink is ready.


When asked whether it is possible to drink green tea at night, doctors answer in the affirmative: “In no case!” Caffeine and essential oils increase heart rate and pulse, speed up blood flow, the adrenal glands release more adrenaline, and the central nervous system and brain become agitated. In the evening, it is better to refrain from all types of tea and coffee, limiting ourselves to herbal drinks.

Neutralizes the effect of drugs

When you are sick and have a temperature, you should not get carried away with strong tea. It contains theophylline, which has a diuretic effect and reduces the effectiveness of antipyretic drugs. You can not drink tea with nitrogen-containing drugs (“Papaverine”, “Codeine”, “Caffeine”, “Euphyllin”, cardiac glycosides and others). They form a sludge when they interact with tea tannins and can be bad for the heart.

Iron-deficiency anemia

Back in 2011, American scientists found that tea blocks the absorption of iron. Regular consumption of tea with meals provokes iron deficiency anemia with unpleasant consequences. The condition of the skin and hair is deteriorating, the person feels lethargy and fatigue. Do not overuse tea for breakfast, lunch and dinner. It is recommended to wait 20 minutes before or after eating.

To normalize iron levels, it is not enough to give up the drink. You need to take special medications that your doctor prescribes.

Can pregnant women use green tea?

During pregnancy, it is better to refrain from drinking drinks that contain caffeine. According to Japanese studies, 5 cups of green tea a day leads to underweight in newborns. In addition, having a pronounced diuretic effect, tea increases the burden on the mother’s kidneys.

Green tea reduces the efficiency of folate absorption. And she is one of the most important elements necessary for the correct development of the child! It is better to limit the use of tea during pregnancy, optimally – no more than 2 cups a day.

Like many herbal teas, tea leaves can accumulate the pyrrolizidine alkaloids – plant toxins. These substances were found in 86% of samples of herbal preparations for children, pregnant women and lactating. For a healthy person, they are not dangerous. Unborn babies and LBW babies who are breastfed who are exposed to toxins from their mother are at risk.

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