Apr 20, 2021
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What hairstyle is appropriate for a corporate party

What hairstyle is appropriate for a corporate party

The eve of the holidays is full of a series of pleasant events, one of which is a New Year’s corporate party.

This is a great opportunity to change your office clothes for a bright look, meet new people or chat with colleagues in an informal setting. In these situations, everything from shoes to hair does matter!

Today we will tell you how not to make a mistake with the choice of hairstyle and look spectacular on such a responsible day for you.

Every girl knows how quickly a beautiful styling can turn into a shapeless head of hair. I want the hairstyle to retain its original look as long as possible during the party. However, you should not get carried away with varnish, constructing something motionless on your head. This option is appropriate for a more solemn event: weddings, anniversaries, prom.

For a corporate evening, a specific theme is often set. When choosing a hairstyle for such an evening, imagine how your image will match the given theme. It is worth finding a balance between pretentiousness and practicality, because you are going to dance and have fun, and not be bored alone.


Use a variety of braiding techniques and your long hair will become a limitless field of creativity. The combination of subtle weaving and smooth elements will help you create a light, even naive look.

Due to the irregular shape of the braids and their negligence, your image will acquire insolence and playfulness. If you are a brave person, this option is for you!

A neat braid around the head for the most feminine ladies. Such styling will instantly add romance and mystery to any lady.

The well-known fishtail or colored strands are an original way to make your hairstyle more youthful and mischievous.

Greek hairstyles

The Greek hairstyle is famous for its harmony and perfection of forms. Styling in this style is one of the most win-win and charming options in its simplicity.

There are many hairstyles for medium length hair. The same applies to those with short hair. If you are one of them, you definitely won’t have to rack your brains over styling for a long time. Even if you slightly change your usual hairstyle, you will certainly get a wonderful result.

Hairstyles for short and medium length hair

Surprisingly, even just changing the place of the parting, you will notice how new your hairstyle looks. You can experiment with this not only on the day of a corporate party, but also in everyday life.

Try to make light curls, and your hair will look unusually fresh and romantic. You can also introduce asymmetry into the hairstyle: make curls or braiding only on some part of the hair, and leave the rest straight. This will give you a very unusual look.

Another easy way to change your hair style is to lift your hair up and pin it at the crown or back of your head. The result is a small babette that will add volume to your hair. If your hair is too thin and sparse, feel free to use false strands.

Take on board the ideas you like, let your imagination run wild and surprise your colleagues at a New Year’s corporate party.

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