Apr 20, 2021
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What habits do ladies give up, from which they are full of youth and life

What habits do ladies give up, from which they are full of youth and life

In pursuit of youth, modern man is ready for much. Proper nutrition, an active lifestyle, daily body care and regular physical activity … It would seem that is not enough? Unfortunately, if the power of habit comes to the fore, then no.

This is not about typical bad habits that everyone knows. And about those things that we repeat from day to day, without even thinking about their effect on the body. In this article, the editors will talk about 6 everyday habits that you should give up in order to look younger.

Addiction to gadgets

Have you ever timed the time you spend on your phone? This habit is so entrenched in our daily life that we do not even think about its dangers. But a neck constantly stretched out to the screen will not lead to anything good.

Every 2–3 cm of head tilt add 4–5 kg to its weight. To cope with the stress, the body begins to strengthen the neck and shoulders. And this happens due to the coarse connective tissue, and not the muscles. As a result, the nozzle mass increases, blood vessels and nerve endings are pinched.

All this leads to morning edema, first wrinkles on the face, hated flaps and a double chin. In addition, gadget addiction can cause the appearance of a hump in the region of the 7th cervical vertebra.

Working or reading while lying down

Of course, why not lie down for an hour with your favorite book? Or take a break and move to the couch with your work laptop. This is how we think we are giving our body a rest. But in reality, everything works very differently.

While you are lying down, arm tension increases, and a wave of muscle contractions is transmitted to the upper back, back of the head and head. You tuck your chin down and the entire front of your neck is shortened. As a result, blood vessels are pinched and fluid circulation is disrupted. In addition, the flow of oxygen to the brain becomes difficult and the chest is compressed. Not the best result, is it?

Active facial expressions

Of course, live facial expressions are great. But even actors know that overly active facial expressions lead to unpleasant consequences. The constant tension of the facial muscles will lead to the appearance of skin wrinkles and small cracks in it. As a result, premature wrinkles appear on the face.

Try to express your emotions with your body, liberating it. If you are interested in this topic, learn what body language is. This skill is taught in acting classes and in body therapy classes.

Crossed legs in a sitting position

What could be more familiar than sitting cross-legged? This is true for both women and men. However, this habit has a number of consequences. First, the blood vessels are pinched and the outflow of blood worsens. Second, the peroneal nerve is compressed.

As a result, pressure may rise. And this will lead to a deterioration in the blood supply to all organs and tissues. In addition, sitting in this position, you involuntarily bend your spine. This often leads to adverse neurological consequences. For example, the appearance of hernias.

Avoiding hats and scarves

Problems with the muscular apparatus of the face are directly related to hypothermia. Therefore, in no case should you neglect warm accessories in the cold season.

Without protecting the lymphatic vessels of the head, a person provokes the appearance of muscle spasms. As a result, chronic inflammatory processes in the lymph node area will lead to edema and tissue deformation.

Lack of sleep

Quality sleep is one of the best ways to maintain youth. It has long been proven that it is best to go to bed at 10-11 pm. The fact is that in the interval from 11 pm to 1 am, the adrenal glands are restored and the youth hormone melatonin is produced.

Chronic sleep deprivation, on the other hand, leads to an increase in the stress hormone cortisol. And the result, as they say, is on the face: grayish and faded skin, rashes and ever-falling hair.

We ourselves become the main enemy on the way to a better version of ourselves. Even the most advanced anti-aging technique will not be effective if you treat yourself and your body irresponsibly. Therefore, we sincerely wish you not to stop working on yourself. And let the force of habit weaken with each new day. Take care of yourself!

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