Oct 15, 2021
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What gifts cannot be given

What gifts cannot be given

Knives and sabers will quarrel the donor with the birthday boy. And what exactly else can not be given, read on

A good gift should cause sincere joy in the birthday person. However, not all objects that a person can and will be happy with will bring him good luck.
For many people, choosing a gift is a difficult and troublesome business. And the point is not only that the preferences of the hero of the occasion may not be known to everyone. It turns out that some items can bring discord, money problems and quarrels with friends and relatives in the family. Don’t want to become a “harbinger of failure”? Then remember the list of things that you shouldn’t give to anyone!

Knives and sabers. Even if the birthday boy collects them, it is better to give him money, for which he will buy the thing he likes. Otherwise, the sharp blade of the gift will “cut” your friendship.

Jewelry with pearls. It is believed that pearls bring loneliness and longing to their owners.

Purse. Such a gift can actually reverse the cash flow. And instead of getting rich, your friend may, on the contrary, experience financial problems.

Mirror. Since antiquity, mirrors have been considered a window to another world, therefore, often with people who received such an unusual gift in the near future, all sorts of troubles happened.

In addition to accepting “bad” gifts, there is another group of gifts that are also better not to give. And not because they attract troubles, but because it is almost impossible to guess with the “correct” present here.

Not knowing a person closely, you should not give him:

books. Because what is interesting to you may be completely uninteresting to others.

perfume. It is sometimes difficult to guess which smell is ideal for a birthday man, even for himself. And even more so for an outsider.

decorations. Everyone has their own taste and preferences. Guessing them is troublesome. So let it be better for the hero of the occasion to find and acquire the right thing on his own with the money that you donate.

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