Mar 29, 2021
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What gastronomic preferences hint at

What gastronomic preferences hint at

Each person has their own gastronomic preferences. Someone does not use sugar, but someone turns back from milk. Quite a common situation, but have you ever thought that maybe all this is not without reason? Dr. Olivier Soulier developed the theory that the choice of food preferences is not at all a matter of chance, but originates in our subconscious.

Each product that we exclude from the diet has a specific symbolic meaning. That is, the rejection of products occurs at the subconscious level and is directly related to our psychological problems. Let’s figure out what’s what.


Refusal of meat on a psychological level means a desire to avoid your own aggression, and also speaks of the fear of death. This is an attempt to hide from death. Thus, vegetarianism testifies to the fear of their aggression. Instead of looking at things soberly and doing something, the person turns a blind eye to the problem.

Refusing milk

Milk is the first food we know, right after birth. In every person, it is associated with the mother, and the rejection of dairy products is a subconscious desire to get rid of maternal control. The same story is with sugar, because in its pure form it is also a symbol of the mother.
If a person replaces milk with soy or other plant milk, then this signals a reluctance to see the problem.

Mom’s milk, dad’s bread

If milk refers us to the image of the mother, then bread – to the image of the father. It is not for nothing that all patriarchal civilizations were formed around the cultivation of grain crops. Refusal of bread symbolizes the desire to settle scores with their parents, to get rid of the bonds. If there is a simultaneous refusal of milk and bread, then this indicates big problems in relations with relatives.


This diet was very popular in the 80s. It testifies to the great role of family conflicts in the origin of diseases. The nutritionist who developed this diet himself died of pancreatic cancer. Namely, this organ symbolizes family relationships and suffering associated with a lack of love in the family.

Vegetable oil

There was another popular diet prescribed by nutritionist Kuzmina. She suggested limiting the consumption of milk and grains, but at the same time consuming a lot of vegetable oils. Olive oil mimics the structure of breast milk in many ways. Dr. Soulier believes that this diet is suitable for those who seek to find their roots and establish contact with their family.

Protein diets

These diets refer to our own proteins, the carriers of our memories and emotions. They tear us away from addiction. That is, protein diets are a subconscious desire to get rid of the addiction that pulls us back.

Mono diets

Any mono-diet refers us to a specific food product. Here you need to look at what kind of product the choice falls on. For example, the grape diet means the pursuit of abundance.

Diet by blood type

Such diets are the most eloquent. They refer us to the topic of blood and consanguinity. Those who choose blood type diets are looking for an opportunity to strengthen their faith, find their roots and learn something about their origins. In addition, it may indicate that the person is trying to find their identity.

Dr. Soulier says: “For those who hope that it is possible to elude the meaning of psychological codes, I will say – it’s okay, just admit to yourself that you are escaping from reality, without realizing it and not realizing it.” How much, it turns out, you can learn from our habits and other little things.

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