Sep 5, 2022
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What furniture is needed in a non-food and food store?

What furniture is needed in a non-food and food store?rackclothing and footwear store

Modern furniture will help to make visitors want to come back after the first visit to your store, and buy goods from you, and not from competitors. The list of what is needed to equip a retail outlet: a pastry rack, a ceiling structure, an island system, etc., will depend on a combination of factors:

  • the type of product offered;
  • price range of goods;
  • the presence of nearby stores of a similar specialization;
  • available financial resources for the purchase of racks and other necessary things;
  • the size and configuration of the hall.

It is worth starting, first of all, from the assortment, because if the furniture is not suitable for placing the goods sold, then you can forget about high sales and positive feedback from customers.

Remember that even favorable prices and good quality products will not keep customers if they have to search for the right positions for a long time or experience inconvenience with fitting.

What do you need for a grocery store?

rackThe main costs in organizing the work of a grocery store will be spent on the purchase of cooling and storage devices for frozen goods:

  • chest freezers;
  • refrigeration units;
  • racks with cooling function;
  • tables for displaying fish on ice.

As for furniture, different types of racks will be needed: wall, confectionery, island, vegetable, for alcoholic beverages, equipped with baskets. Before ordering, you need to plan the design of the retail space, taking into account the desired direction of the flow of customers and the allocation of different zones.

Do not forget about the rules of the commodity neighborhood. If you don’t know how best to arrange items, or you can’t decide on the type of construction and size, it’s wiser to invite a professional – this way you will save not only time, but also money by avoiding buying unnecessary or inappropriate shelving.

Furniture for clothing, accessories and other non-food stores

To a certain extent, it is easier to choose equipment for non-food stores, since there are no strict restrictions on maintaining the temperature regime. Furniture should be functional, ergonomic, beautiful (preferably also original), and fit into the budget.

The list of mandatory items, depending on the type of goods, may include:

  • glass showcases with built-in lighting;
  • island systems with ottomans;
  • mirrors of different widths and heights with reliable fasteners;
  • wall equipment for shoes;
  • brackets and hanging hooks.
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