May 8, 2022
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What doll is worth buying for a gift to a child?

What doll is worth buying for a gift to a child?What doll is worth buying for a gift to a child?

Children of all ages need their own toys. But the doll is a universal gift that a girl from 1 to 10 years old will like. It is during this period of time that the child learns to perceive life through the game. And if you buy a doll, it will help the girl to develop correctly and quickly.

Are there universal dolls?

For each age, it is recommended to choose your own doll:

  • for a child who is one year old, it is best to choose a soft doll, without hair and easily detachable parts. A good option is a rag doll, because it is not so traumatic and you can sleep with it;
  • for the 3rd girl, it is better to choose a baby doll, but one with Velcro clothes and hair well fixed. Together with the doll, you can also buy a stroller and dishes, it will be interesting for the child, because at this age she wants to be like her mother;
  • if the girl is 3-5 years old, you can choose baby dolls who drink, eat, make sounds and so on. Together with them, they can be sold in a bottle, pots and even diapers. But it is important to choose a doll no more than 40 cm, then it will be more convenient for the child to play. A good option is dolls with long hair. Then it will be possible to train with the baby to do various hairstyles;
  • if the girl is over 5 years old, then choose dolls that will be with a fashionable wardrobe. If the girl has favorite characters, for example, from various cartoons, you can choose a prototype doll of her favorite heroine (Winx, Bratz, Barbie). So that the doll does not get bored, you can choose a groom. Then it will be more interesting to play.

Additional Selection Tips

Also, each parent should pay due attention to the material of manufacture. Any doll for a child should be made of natural, high-quality and non-hazardous materials. Be sure to choose a toy that has a neutral or friendly expression. The child should not be afraid of the toy, but rather should be drawn to it. If you want to choose a toy that makes sounds, make sure that the sound module does not protrude anywhere and that it will not be damaged. Psychologists also recommend choosing a doll that does not have pronounced sexual characteristics. And it is important to choose dolls with harmonious proportions. Be sure to pay attention to the fact that the doll must be stable (it is good to stand and sit).

Where can I buy a gift for a child?

A good selection of dolls is on the site There you can also consult with experts and together with them choose the perfect option for purchase.

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