Aug 16, 2022
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What does the horoscope say if your mother-in-law is Scorpio

What does the horoscope say if your mother-in-law is Scorpio

After the wedding, it turns out that your wife’s mom’s birthday is in November. That is, your mother-in-law, a creature for the son-in-law is almost certainly from the enemy camp, and also a Scorpio?

And after all, as they say, nothing foreshadowed – your wife’s smart and charming mother made such a favorable impression on you when you were introduced. And the wife doesn’t seem to call her mom… yet.

Do you like how she raised your beloved? Yes? Tactful, clean, needlewoman, cooks well. And in all this there are also mother’s merits. Women of this sign are wonderful housewives and mothers. Moreover, they teach children to understand people. And if you chose a daughter, and the mother did not mind, then you are a worthy candidate in her eyes!

With their children, scorpions are not inclined to lisp, but this does not mean that they do not like them. Be calm, a Scorpio woman will fight for the interests of her daughter with all possible fervor and passion. And her ingenuity will not allow you to win. Do not hurt your daughter or her!

As with any mother-in-law, it is better not to live under the same roof with her. Of course, there is so much energy in her that a lonely scorpion, a novice pensioner, can easily cope with all household problems. You will be clean, tasty and children under supervision. But she will be the mistress of your house. Moreover, she will be aware of absolutely all cases, down to such intimate details as the way you and your wife use protection. If you are not shocked by her curiosity, in all other respects you can even get along with her under the same roof.

She will gladly stay with the children when you and your wife go on vacation. She can safely be trusted with both the house and the children – everything will be as it should. It’s not bad to send her once a year on vacation on a tour to Turkey or Egypt. All horoscopes claim that Scorpios are the sexiest sign of the zodiac. And this continues until old age. Moreover, they clearly separate sex and love, so the mother-in-law will not bring you a young Turk from a trip.

This sign does not tolerate halftones. It’s just that an angel and a devil sit on the shoulders of each Scorpio, and each pulls him in his direction. Is she a drinker by any chance? And if your mother-in-law leads a healthy lifestyle, then surely everyone admires her toned belly and daily jogging.

And finally, advice: do not lie! Women of this sign are almost mystically insightful. You will immediately fall in her eyes. And do not forget sometimes to be interested in her problems. You can’t even imagine how important this is to them!

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