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What does a rash on the face and neck indicate?

What does a rash on the face and neck indicate?

Fortune-telling on wax or studying horoscopes is almost tantamount to establishing a diagnosis of acne on the face and neck. However, if you follow all the rules of hygiene, do not eat toxins and regularly emit toxins from your body, but acne continues to multiply on your face, you can entertain yourself with divination by a rash. To do this, you need a face, acne and this article. Everything seen in the mirror should not be taken seriously, because this is just a fortune-telling, not a diagnosis.

So, what do those secret reddish galaxies on the facial or cervical epidermis predict?

The main causes of acne

Often, a rash on the face is associated with insufficiently good cleaning of the epithelium. Body fat accumulated on the surface of the epidermis clogs the pores. Thus, acne and pimples appear. One of the reasons may be vitamin deficiency or a lack of essential vitamins. The cause of acne on the face can be hormonal imbalance, viruses, intoxication, hypothermia or photodermatitis. To more accurately determine the cause of the rash, it is necessary to compare all the symptoms together. We strongly recommend visiting a dermatologist to determine the exact diagnosis and receive effective treatment without side effects. But, if alternative methods are preferable, we present you the story of the biological theory of probability, a legend that surfs the Internet without reliable scientific confirmation.

Divination by facial and neck acne

Folk healers and low-skilled doctors believe that the place of acne rash indicates the type of disease. So, the face was conditionally divided into separate locations of heart, lung and intestinal diseases.

Frontal part

Acne on the forehead is a harbinger of ailments of the bladder and intestines. The upper part of the forehead (hair growth area) states problems with the functions of the bladder. The middle part signals the unimportant condition of the large intestine, the lower one – the small one. Whiskey will not be silent if the gallbladder or spleen is out of order.

Concomitant symptoms may be pallor or grayish skin color, bags under the eyes, hyperhidrosis, chronic diseases of the nasopharynx, headaches, nervousness, fatigue, heaviness in the abdomen, and stress. All this can be a consequence of intoxication or overwork.

To get rid of such ailments, you need not only to thoroughly wash your forehead and wash your hair more often, but also to drink enough water (about 4 glasses a day), to minimize the consumption of spicy, fried and fatty foods.

Bridge of the nose (forehead area)

A rash on the bridge of the nose indicates liver problems. It is quite possible that you have cirrhosis or hepatitis. In such a severe case, the accompanying symptoms will be yellowing of the skin and eye proteins. This means that at the same second you need to be hospitalized. Accompanying symptoms of this and other diseases can be frequent dizziness, headaches, nausea and vomiting, heartburn, heaviness in the right hypochondrium, a strong smell of sweat, sour stench from the mouth. How to fix this situation?

First of all, it is necessary to give up any drugs and alcohol in any doses. Fried, smoked and fatty should also be a minimum amount. Almost all dairy and sour-milk products will have to be excluded from the diet. The diet should include cheese in small doses, vegetables and fruits (raw and steamed). Fried should be replaced with boiled or steamed. Don’t forget to drink clean water.


It is not strange, but the ears and kidneys have a direct relationship. Acne is the link in this relationship. If you have a rash on your ears and you don’t wear earrings, you most likely have kidney problems. Kidney disease usually occurs without accompanying symptoms. Symptoms may appear only in advanced stages. In this case, you can notice swelling of the limbs, and areas around the eyes, pallor and itching of the skin, severe rash and peeling of the epidermis, frequent urination, low urination, constant fatigue.

The causes of this nightmare may be gout, intoxication or diseases of the genital organs, which can lead to impotence. In order not to bring yourself to sexual dysfunction, you need to quit smoking, do not drink alcohol, minimize the amount of meat and fat in the diet. It is not recommended to use someone else’s liver, kidneys, heads and hooves. You will also have to give up coffee. It is worth replenishing your menu with dairy products, vegetables and fruits. Remember to drink plenty of water. It is noteworthy that we are talking only about clean water, and not about energy drinks, beer and a “sex on the beach” cocktail.


If ominous black circles thickened around the “mirror of your soul”, you obviously ate something wrong. If you get enough sleep, do not suffer from low hemoglobin, and last night was by no means stormy, you need to look into the eyes of your parents. If your ancestors do not have the same black circles, then these circles cannot be genetic features of appearance. In this case, there is a reason to check your kidneys. To protect yourself from the progress of the disease, you must have a normal sleep pattern, do not eat a lot of salt and drink plenty of water.


If your capillaries hide well enough under the skin thickness, and only recently red streaks and a rash began to appear on your cheeks – it’s time to do a fluorography. It is likely that the easy became not easy. It is noteworthy that the right cheek indicates the state of the right lung, and the left indicates the left. But, if a red spot was noticed on the upper part of the left cheek, it is worth visiting a cardiologist on the way to a fluorography. Additional symptoms include chest pain, shortness of breath, discomfort during breathing, and hemoptysis. The latter eloquently alludes to tuberculosis or lung cancer. In this case, you can no longer think about diet and sports, but headlong to the doctor.

With these symptoms, you need to quit smoking and take care of the cleanliness in the house. The floor and furniture must be free of debris, dust, animal hair and fluff. Carefully inspect the ceiling and walls, if mold is found, it is necessary to spray it with chlorine.

Nose or rosacea

If there is no frost or dampness on the street, and there are no vessels with alcohol in the refrigerator for a long time, a red nose is an alarm. Redness of the upper part of the nose signals problems in the gastrointestinal tract. The nostrils speak of bronchial ailments, the tip of the nose indicates heart complaints. In addition, the nose is an indicator of the state of the vascular system.


If the lips and lower part of the chin are surrounded by rashes and cold sores, it is likely that harmful bacteria are operating in the mouth, which can be eradicated by gargling with coconut oil. In addition, it is likely that the body lacks B vitamins. But not all forecasts are so optimistic. These annoying pimples can be a silent notice that the endocrine system is suffering from an illness or a mute cry of genital problems, blood stasis in the pelvic area, or hormonal imbalance.

Unfortunately, in this situation, it will not be enough to attach a cabbage leaf, you will have to go to the doctor’s appointment …


A rash on the lips can mean problems with the duodenum, small and large intestine. This means that it is necessary to clean it, but one brush is not enough. You will have to reconsider your diet and include more fiber in it. Fiber is found in vegetables and fruits.


A rash on the neck indicates a violation of the functions of the intestines and the endocrine system. Pimples can also be an allergic reaction.

This fortune-telling is followed by one simple conclusion: if something is wrong with you, you need to go to the doctor.

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