Feb 22, 2021
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What do we do about the Great Reset?

Let’s see what the “golden billion” will look like if the Davos sages do decide to launch their perestroika.

To begin with, the rejection of oil and the transition to extremely expensive, ineffective and unstable green energy will make such basic goods as heating, a private car with a gasoline engine, and household appliances such as an air conditioner inaccessible to the broad masses.

A refrigerator and a washing machine will turn out to be luxury items. Most likely, as they fail, they will be used collectively. It is not without reason that today we are offered a brilliant world in which a person has nothing of his own and he is forced to rent literally everything – from a room to cutlery, from socks to a bicycle.

An artificial shortage of food – with the extermination of chickens and pigs under the pretext of bird and swine flu – will ensure that food prices soar. You can start saying goodbye to beef today: Western ecologists have accumulated too many complaints about cows.

The sad paradox is that never in the history of mankind in the world has so much affordable and quality food been produced. The opportunity to defeat hunger on a global scale has never been closer.

However, the rupture of supply chains and speculation on the topic of a pandemic in the spring introduced the population of the West to such purely socialist problems as shortages, queues and immortal “two packs in one hand.” So when the UN warns of mass famine, it is not just traditionally impoverished countries that are meant. Already, the number of hungry people in the United States and England is breaking records.

Green energy will lead to de-industrialization. Without cheap energy, production will collapse like dominoes. Accordingly, the price of literally everything will skyrocket. A tariff war with exporters under the pretext of their “carbon footprint” will add even more hell. This will destroy the light industry of developing countries, and the population of the West will be left without cheap clothes and shoes.

You will have to save for a coat for months – as Akaky Akakievich saved up for an overcoat. In terms of food, Europe will roll back to the days of Henry IV, when chicken for Sunday lunch was the unattainable dream of millions. The car will become an unthinkable luxury. Travel is at the whim of the super-rich.

Actually, in miniature this world, where all the usual modern goods remained only for the elite, we clearly saw at Christmas. While millions of British and Americans sat on lockdown, singer Madonna flew to Africa with her children, young boyfriend and personal photographer. She had a transplant in London.

It suddenly became clear that there are special “green” corridors for people of the Madonna’s level in London airports. There are no coronavirus tests there, no self-isolation, just bash and fly wherever you want. Having picked up her son in London, the singer flew with the whole family to Africa on a private jet and there traveled to different countries for her own pleasure, absolutely not worrying about the “carbon footprint” and other nonsense.

Today, the world’s leading media openly urge readers to reduce their consumption and realize that travel and beef steaks are “a luxury and a responsibility.” It seems that many holders of the world’s wealth are planning a massive robbery of their populations through artificial price gouging.

Interestingly, even twelve years ago, this agenda – “rich countries must reduce consumption” – was voiced by the famous Obama administration official, environmentalist and socialist Carol Browner. At that time, she was the wife of Mike Podhorser, the same gray cardinal who had just brought Joe Biden to power in the United States. That is, the globalist elites were already planning to transfer the “golden billion” to wartime.

Of course, the masses can rebel against this state of affairs. However, it may turn out that there will be no one to rebel. Medicine and pharmaceuticals have been officially announced as the driver of the economy of the future. This means that different viruses, vaccines, and medicines – fake and not fake – will be tested non-stop on Westerners. The only sector where job growth is planned, according to Klaus Schwab, is patient care.

It seems that after the “reset” half of the population of developed countries will be sick, and half will take care of them. Bigpharma will naturally blossom in these proposed circumstances. And the psychology of an eternally sick person will fit in the best way possible on the soul of a modern European, utterly mucked by political correctness and accustomed to achieving his goal exclusively by whining, complaints and insults.

The cherry on top of the cake will be merciless sex education and the most severe censorship. They neurotize the population to such an extent that it will forget about the joys of the flesh and procreation. Finally, the globalist elites will be able to significantly reduce the number of Homo sapiens, freeing up the cleared planet for antelopes, butterflies and dolphins.

If the European authorities behave as unprincipled and weak-willed as they do today, then American corporations will really try to build their dictatorship in the Old and New Worlds, driving hundreds of millions of people there and deliberately ruining them. What can you do, the colonies are over, you have to plunder and dispose of your own population.

The entire flywheel of the robbery will be unleashed under the slogan of combating global warming. And the main culprit of this mythical “climate change” will be named – guess three times! – well, yes, of course, Russia.

Nevertheless, our country will not be able to stay away from the trends of the Great Reset. Why, Russia, the world’s first economy – China – is already adjusting to the new reality.

And the point here is not at all in the insidious globalist elites. With this brave new world you will have to trade and somehow try to do business. The local approaches will be popularized not disinterestedly in Russia as well.

Our manufacturers, already embedded in the global economy, cannot fail to see literally everything becoming more expensive. And now we are being called to raise the prices of beef, then to introduce excise taxes on sweets. Prices for household appliances are growing at a faster pace. Medicines have gone up insanely. It would be good if the “comrade government” looked after all this – otherwise, as if the domestic capitalists did not begin to ruin the end consumers under the pretext that this is, they say, a world trend.

It is also not worthwhile to fence off the dystopia planned by the sages of Davos with an iron curtain. There is something useful in their discourse, and one must be able to apply this for the good of the Russians. Saving water, taking care of the preservation of endangered species, saving from deforestation and competently disposing of garbage – all these are undoubtedly noble and right tasks.

The emphasis on human development can also be used for your own purposes. It would help correct the long-standing bias of our lives towards ruthless economics, or rather economics. Schwab should be taken at his word – the current situation should really be used to improve every person. Only a person should not huddle in a hostel and eat soy meat, but live in his own home and enjoy the growing standard of living.

We must offer our own picture of the future and build it no less actively and enthusiastically than our Western partners. “Capturing the Imagination of Humanity” is an interesting topic, if captured correctly.

If Russian scientists, programmers, engineers of human souls are able to take everything useful from modern technologies – including technologies for processing public consciousness – then Russia will really be able to offer the “reset” world a lot of good things.

And it will not only be normal food, a loving family, a healthy lifestyle and cutting edge technologies – even our Western partners admit that Russia is today one of the world leaders in high-tech startups. First of all, it will be freedom – the most scarce commodity in Western reality.

Victoria Nikiforova

Photo: © AFP 2021 / Michal Cizek

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