Aug 23, 2022
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What do men value in women?

What do men value in women?

To be popular with the stronger sex, women need to know what men value most in them. Isn’t this what every girl dreams of? Say no? Then answer, for whom do you make up every day, dress up? Why wear high heels that hurt your feet? For whom do you go to stylists and makeup artists? All this women do for the sake of men. And to find out what men value in women, a survey was conducted among men of different ages and professions. Summarizing the results obtained, here are the conclusions the experts came to.

First look…

At the first meeting, as soon as a man looks at a woman, he evaluates her figure. That is why any woman who wants to find the man of her dreams should take care of her body and keep herself in good shape. Various forbidden tricks are allowed: a lowered shoulder on a dress or a neckline that beautifully opens the leg. Men appreciate the ability to use the charms of their body.

But not only a chiseled figure attracts men. In addition to the beautiful curves of the body, they are also interested in smart women with whom they can talk on various topics, without ignoring the topic of relationships.

Men love women’s lips. Women’s lips are able to excite any man. Always keep them well-groomed, use hygienic lipstick. Remember that men are pleased to look at women’s lips with shine, but kissing such lips will be unpleasant for them.

There is an opinion that men prefer blondes. Don’t believe it. The main thing is to stand out from the gray crowd.

Women who do not forget that they are women are valued. They dress femininely, there is always something cute about them, and even a strict dress code does not make them look like men.

Show him that he is the master of the situation, he will appreciate it!

If a man wants to pay for you at a restaurant, don’t mind and be like American women. Men like to show their generosity.

Many men appreciate in women the ability to communicate with his friends. If you can talk to a woman about men’s topics, she is a treasure for any man. Not a single man will leave such a woman.

Men appreciate courage in women. And courage in women for them is love for their body. Yes, let her have a small tummy or an orange peel on her ass, but she is not afraid to undress and show her body to a man.

Do you know what men don’t like in women? Loquacity. Girls chatting on the phone with their friends for hours and telling them every little thing about their lives can simply scare a man away.

Men really appreciate it when women do not make scandals if he says “no”. Men greatly appreciate the devotion of a woman. Do not forget that a man will almost never be able to forgive betrayal: it is a blow for him if a woman prefers another to him.

From the category of male phobias

Men are afraid that after the wedding you will turn into a fat woman who spends hours in the kitchen and screams if she finds a cup of tea in the wrong place. If you always remain well-groomed and sweet after the wedding, a man will never leave you and will love you even more.

The last thing men appreciate in girls is mystery. Girls, always be interesting to your man, don’t let him read you from cover to cover.

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