Jan 3, 2022
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What do flowers symbolize?

What do flowers symbolize?

The tradition of giving flowers originated in ancient times, when people, noticing the healing properties of plants, began to decorate their home with them.

Flowers are the best gift for every person, as they are inexpensive and versatile. At the same time, with the help of a bouquet of flowers, you can express your attitude towards a person.

The tradition of giving flowers originated in ancient times, when people, noticing the healing properties of plants, began to decorate their home with them.

There is such a thing as the language of flowers, and it originated in the east in the Middle Ages, when girls did not have the right to communicate with men and they could express their feelings only with the help of flowers. At the same time, every detail mattered: the number of flowers, the color of the bouquet, and even the hand in which the giver holds the bouquet. The language of flowers has not lost its importance in our time, so in order not to get into an awkward situation, read this article to the end.

With the help of flowers, you can express a variety of emotions from hatred and envy to tender love and burning passion. It is also important to understand who exactly will own the bouquet and the outcome of this to choose a bouquet.

It is important to remember about the color and decoration of the bouquet, as they can also tell a lot about the giver.

In addition, it must be borne in mind that in different cultures the same flowers have different meanings, therefore, when choosing a bouquet, you should be careful and attentive.

How to choose the right bouquet color

Back in the 18th century, a register of colors was written. According to this registry, red was a symbol of love and passion, green symbolized hope, blue was a sign of fidelity, black meant death or sadness. Yellow, on the other hand, was a sign of betrayal, although yellow also symbolizes freedom and self-confidence. White, in turn, is considered a symbol of purity and innocence, and pink is associated with youth and modesty. Often, a pink bouquet can be a sign of incipient tender feelings.

What the number of colors says, everything is simple here

One flower is a sign of attention
Three flowers – a sign of friendly respect
five – recognition
Seven is considered to be a lucky number, so this is a sign of sincere love.
As a rule, it is customary to give an even number of flowers for funerals, so be careful.
Flowers and emotions
Flowers can express a wide range of emotions, both positive and negative.

As a sign of love, you can safely give: roses, aconite, white acacia, dahlias, lilacs, mimosa or tulip. Calla lilies can also be donated as a token of appreciation and respect.

At the same time, begonia is considered a symbol of warning against envious people, a narcissist expresses narcissism and selfishness, petunia symbolizes irritation or resentment, and a sunflower often hints at arrogance and falsity.

What does the color combination mean?

Combinations of flowers in a bouquet can also tell a lot about both the addressee and the giver of flowers. Color combinations have their own secret meaning and must be chosen correctly, because you can offend a person or they simply will not understand you correctly.

The most common combinations

  • Chrysanthemums and orchids
  • White and red roses
  • Burgundy roses and violets or lavender
  • Red and pink roses combined with white iris
  • Hydrangea combined with yellow carnation

Chrysanthemums are given to unfamiliar people as a sign of a pleasant acquaintance. White and red roses symbolize pure sincere love and unity of two hearts. Usually such a bouquet speaks for itself.

Burgundy roses in combination with violets or lavender speaks of a light, perhaps fleeting sympathy that has nothing to do with a sincere pure feeling.

Red or pink roses combined with iris mean a declaration of love.

Hydrangeas combined with a carnation are a bad sign, meaning a loss of trust and understanding.

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