Feb 17, 2021
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What did Putin talk about at a meeting with the chief editors of the Russian media?

The President got in touch from Novo-Ogaryov, the heads of the media gathered in the Presidential Administration, dispersed in different rooms – TV, radio, agencies, print press, Internet media.

The President assured the editors-in-chief that Russia today “unlike other nations is on the march, on the rise.” And the West, with its “policy of containment”, is not capable of hindering us, no matter how annoying the Russian Federation’s successes in the defense industry, medicine, and the economy may be. Putin recalled, for example, that Russia is the world leader in wheat export for 3 years in a row. A surprise for everyone, he said, was the success of our doctors and scientists in the fight against COVID-19: “We proceeded from the fact that we are worthless, and there was no way to call us, and we could not do anything. We did it, and better than other countries. ” For example, we now produce 20 times more personal protective equipment than at the beginning of the epidemic. “The mobilization of the entire healthcare system and industry turned out to be incomparably higher than in European countries and the States,” the head of state summed up. “It’s just a collapse there.”

Speaking of recent protests, Putin linked them to attempts by outside forces to rock the situation in Russia using certain people. “There are many ambitions, a lot of energy, the desire to earn more money, to break through to power are obvious. And all this is used in the most active way. ” This does not mean that there are no reasons for dissatisfaction in the country, people can also be understood: “Irritation is accumulating, there are many problems, there is not enough money.” The authorities must “patiently, rhythmically” solve these problems.

Putin also answered the question about the growing influence of Western Internet giants in the Russian Federation. “I have no desire to screw and twist something artificially,” he said. – We will not do anything that would create problems for our citizens, because they wrote something bad about some bosses – no, of course. But, of course, we cannot but react to open attacks ”.

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