Aug 19, 2020
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What did Mishustin see in the Far East?

Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin made a working tour of the Far East.

The head of government visited Chukotka, Kamchatka, Magadan and the Amur region. It was important for him to see for himself what problems the easternmost regions of Russia are facing. So, in Kamchatka, the first thing he did was to visit the regional hospital. Acting Governor V. Solodov talked about 90 percent depreciation of the building. Back in 2013, a new hospital began to be built in the region, but it was never completed - “lack of funds”. Mishustin had to put the construction of the new building under personal control.

The prime minister saw similar problems in each of the regions he visited. Capital deterioration of the housing stock, lack of money for the reconstruction of hospitals and schools, problems with gas supply and high electricity prices, deterioration of helicopter aviation, which is the main means of communication with remote villages here - these are the standard problems of the Far East. which, as he put it, are united by a caring attitude towards their native land and a desire to create a region where one wants to live and work. Unfortunately, in recent years there are fewer such people, especially among young people. “The deep reason that not so many people come here, not only in benefits, in money, but in the quality of life,” the prime minister said. Mishustin discussed with local leaders how successfully the programs for the distribution of Far Eastern hectares and Far Eastern mortgages at 2% are being implemented.

Finally, in the Amur Region, the Prime Minister examined the new bridge across the Amur from Russia to China, as well as border crossings. If the head of government assessed the bridge positively, then the frontier posts were not very good. Only 4 out of 58 are in good condition. “The meaning of the work of the workers who built the bridge is lost. When there are no normal transitions, the impression of the country is appropriate, ”Mishustin demanded to correct everything.

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