Feb 15, 2021
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What cosmetics should be discarded

What cosmetics should be discarded

Every day we see many commercials created in order to interest us in a particular cosmetic product. Manufacturers promise us miraculous effects, showing the perfect skin of models shot especially for the video.

Many of us understand that you should not trust advertising, because before releasing it on screens, experts remove all skin imperfections of girls using computer processing. And the likelihood that the models used exactly the cosmetics that they advertise is extremely small.

All advertising is focused only on the fact that the product must be purchased, and preferably in large quantities. That is why manufacturers do not hesitate not only to create deceptive advertising, but also to add substances to their products that significantly reduce the cost of it and can have a very bad effect on your skin.

Today we will talk about cosmetic products that are harmful to your skin and health. In addition to the fact that there can be dangerous substances in cosmetics, there are still a huge number of all kinds of tonics and foams for washing, in which there is simply no point. This is just a way to get more money out of your wallet.

5 most harmful substances in cosmetics


Everyone should know this! Parabens are esters of para-hydroxybenzoic acid. They are constantly used in the production of cosmetics as a cheap preservative. Thanks to parabens, cosmetic products are stored for a long time, do not deteriorate, and they also do not develop mold. However, parabens are of chemical origin. A high concentration of parabens can lead to malignant tumors. Remember that parabens are not flushed out of the body, but tend to accumulate.

Synthetic dyes

Many manufacturers add colorants to their products to make the product look more attractive. In fact, natural products without dyes have a rather unattractive color, but it is he who is a sign of the absence of dyes. Try to choose creams and balms with a natural color. No hot pinks and greens!


Under no circumstances should you buy products that have flavorings on their packaging. Remember that although this is the only word written, it can refer to up to a hundred different chemicals. And all for the smell! These substances can cause severe allergic reactions, headaches and nausea.


Many are already trying to buy sulfate-free shampoos, but they do not think about what exactly these substances are harmful and why they are generally added to hair care products. It is the sulfates that make your favorite shampoo foam so well and wash your hair “until it squeaks.”

On the other hand, it is these substances that can cause severe irritation of the mucous membranes of the eyes and dry skin. If your skin is initially very dry, try to use sulfate products as little as possible. Not only sulfates are dangerous, the harm of silicones in cosmetics is also by no means exaggerated.


This substance is most commonly found in concealers, hair gels, and skin whiteners. Hydroquinone reduces the skin’s resistance to UV rays and thus increases the risk of skin cancer. The component has the strongest carcinogenic effect. The harm of Korean cosmetics is based precisely on the excessive use of hydroquinone in it.

5 beauty products to give up right now


Long gone are the days when coarse-textured scrubs were almost the only way to deeply cleanse the skin. Any cosmetologist will tell you now that such a scrub is highly undesirable to use. Even scrubs with the smallest particles can severely damage your skin and provoke severe inflammation.

Coconut oil

This product is ideal for hair, but very undesirable for the skin. This oil clogs the pores, thus trapping moisture under the skin. If you have oily skin, such a remedy should never be used.


This remedy is not so much harmful as it simply does not make any sense, since it is aimed at normalizing the acid-base balance of the skin. All the other products you use, such as micellar water or night cream, can perfectly cope with this task.

Waterproof mascara

A completely unnecessary thing in our time. In addition to the fact that the price of such a product will be several times higher than ordinary mascara, it also looks so ugly on the eyelashes!

Anti-cellulite creams

Don’t listen to advertisers’ promises! If it was possible to get rid of cellulite by rubbing cream into the skin, no one would have this cellulite at all. Only proper nutrition and good cardio workout helps against cellulite.

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