May 7, 2022
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What cosmetics is necessary for a business lady?

What cosmetics is necessary for a business lady?

The given rhythm of the last time obliges a woman to be successful in all areas of her life. Home – work – children – husband … require constant attention. But at all these stages, you really want to look attractive.

It is to support the beauty of a woman that cosmetologists have created special express cosmetics. In case there is absolutely no time to turn from Cinderella into a princess, and looking chic is a must. Such cosmetics should be in the makeup bag of any business woman.

Skin: Special matting wipes will help get rid of excessively oily sheen on the face. And thermal water instantly refreshes “tired” skin.
A corrective pencil will help to mask a pimple that has popped up so inopportunely.

Hair: You can quickly put your head in order with the help of 2 in 1 shampoo. But it is not recommended to use this product all the time.

And if there is no time to wash your hair, the recipe of our grandmothers using ordinary baby powder will come in handy. Rub a small amount of powder between the palms, apply to hair and comb thoroughly. The powder will absorb excess oil and give the hair a fresh look and a delicate aroma.

It is possible to fix your hair after rain and strong wind with a styling spray. It should be applied to the fingertips and beat the curls.

Nails: Any girl’s nails should always be perfect. And it doesn’t matter if you are a fan of long nails or not.

No need to use a hair dryer to dry quickly. Fortunately, on the shelves of stores there is a diverse selection of quick-drying varnishes and bases for them. Before choosing any type of cosmetics, read reviews about cosmetics, find out the disadvantages or advantages of the product.

But you can fix an accidentally painted over cuticle with a pencil for manicure correction. Express cosmetics helps a lot in the frantic pace of life. But don’t forget to pamper yourself. A half-hour bath with sea salt is wonderfully relaxing. And a freshly prepared face mask will bring much more benefits than quick wrinkle miracle creams.

Beauty to you and eternal youth!

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