Nov 5, 2021
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What contributes to business success? Practical experience of the company “Like Center”

What contributes to business success?  Practical experience of the company

Participants of Like Center courses in April-May 2020 achieved a 2-fold increase in income.

Founded by serial entrepreneur Ayaz Shabutdinov, Like Center is not only about business training. She has created a community of entrepreneurs united by a common goal – to learn together for maximum results!

Educational IT platform for business from Like Center

The development of the IT platform began in 2019, when the company decided to create its own ecosystem for entrepreneurs, with the help of which you can get an answer to any question of interest in your niche. Users – depending on their experience and income in business – are offered various educational courses, access to lectures and webinars is opened.

Like Center courses

Members can use completely free business tools to digitize their business. They can also work with a library of tested and proven hypotheses (over 650 options!), Receive feedback from curators, and communicate with entrepreneurs.

For students of the Like Center, business is not just educational courses that lead to results. Being a successful entrepreneur means becoming a member of a community where everyone can get advice on how to improve and scale their business. This is how a unique ecosystem for Russia is formed, where competition turns into mutually beneficial cooperation.

Businessmen come to the understanding that there is no need to compete with colleagues from another region, because it is much more effective to share their experience, prompting each other what problems can be avoided, what to pay attention to.

The following figures testify to how efficient such an ecosystem is: the participants of the Like Center courses in April-May 2020 achieved a 2-fold increase in income, and before the platform appeared, this indicator was at the level of 41%.

Names campuses – a new word in entrepreneurship!

Campus names

Communication on the IT platform takes place in an online format. But what if you want to communicate with entrepreneurs personally, to feel like a part of a successful business environment? It is for this purpose that the names campus network was created for entrepreneurs.

The first names coworking space was opened in Yekaterinburg in December 2019, followed by campuses in Tyumen and Izhevsk. The Like Center plans to open another 150 spaces by August 2022, not only in the Russian Federation, but also abroad.

Campus names

What is interesting and useful in names?

  1. Comfortable conditions. Entrepreneurs rent workplaces equipped with comfortable tables with connectors for equipment and adjustable chairs. Access to high-speed Wi-Fi, meeting rooms, conference room, skype room, etc. is provided.
  2. The opportunity to be a member of the entrepreneurial community, where everyone is welcome – regardless of business experience and income level! Names residents meet weekly with trackers to set goals and objectives, as well as participate in masterminds, which allows them to focus on the main metrics and identify the optimal point of application of efforts.

You can share experiences, ask for advice or just have a great rest at joint events (paintball, “Mafia”, quests, etc.). Here, no one will meet condemnation in case of failure, because successful entrepreneurs know that it is mistakes that lead to the achievement of new heights.

This approach of the Like Center company takes business communication to a qualitatively new level. After all, one should not be afraid of failures when there are faithful companions nearby, ready to support in difficult times.

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