Oct 15, 2020
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What color to celebrate 2021

What color to celebrate 2021

2021, according to the Eastern calendar, will be the year of the Metal Ox. Eastern culture pays special attention to the color of clothing, so it is very important to welcome the new year 2021 in the right shade.

Color affects a person's chakras and can also be a powerful talisman. In oriental culture, great attention is paid to color. It is believed that the wrong choice of clothes for the New Year's holiday can scare off luck.

The Year of the Ox is a time of very large, and most importantly, abrupt changes. The energy of this animal mascot is very powerful, unbridled. Experts believe that calm and muted colors are needed for the correct meeting of 2021. Otherwise, you can anger the Bull, incur problems and troubles.

Overall, this year we need to tread carefully. It is good that the year will pass under the control of the element of Metal, which adds prudence and restrains the impulses of the Ox. This is a very successful combination, therefore, to a large extent, your success and luck at the beginning and throughout 2021 will depend not only on the color in which you meet the new year, but also on how you behave in general.

It is better to celebrate the New Year in white, gray or silver... These three colors symbolize the element of Metal. White is more suitable for those who are planning a noisy fun with a large number of loved ones nearby. If you are planning to spend New Year's Eve in tranquility and solitude, or just like a regular ordinary day, then it is better to wear gray clothes. Silver jewelry and silver clothing are the choice for those who want to make a strong impression on others. You can wear such clothes for corporate events.

Black color would be a good choice too. It is the perfect color to celebrate the new 2021 for people who end 2020 on an unpleasant note or surrounded by problems. Black color will help clear the aura of unpleasant memories and enter the new year free and inspired.

Green or yellow... A bull will require a lot of energy and effort, so it will be very useful to celebrate the new year in green. Anyone who wants to gain self-confidence and fill the body with the power of creative energy must wear something green. A great alternative to green would be a yellow tint. It will help those who ended the year in a bad mood. Yellow enhances the emotional background.

All of the listed colors can be combined in a form convenient for you. It will be possible to complement the image with jewelry made of silver, platinum, cupronickel. Useful stones-talismans for New Year's Eve and the next couple of days will be moonstone, aquamarine, amethyst, jasper, hematite, obsidian, opal, white quartz.

Check out what the year 2021 will be according to the Eastern calendar to understand what it promises and how you can succeed in various areas of life during this period. May good luck be with you.

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