Oct 17, 2021
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What color combinations of curtains with wallpaper are best avoided

What color combinations of curtains with wallpaper are best avoided

In order to form an original, interesting and stylish atmosphere in a room, for example, in a room, you should pay attention to all the details.

Rules for a successful combination of curtains with the interior of the room

Without a doubt, the correct color of the walls and floor makes the room visually wider and even more comfortable, and the wrong color, on the contrary, can add unnecessary gloom and joylessness.

The same rule applies to curtains. There is a certain unspoken principle: if you need to add light to the room, then you should stick to warm shades, and if you need to hide excess sunlight, then it is better to choose, on the contrary, cold colors.

note! Curtains are, first of all, an accessory for any room that can add the necessary accents or “touches” to create an interior.

Combination of wallpaper and curtains

In the process of repairing and buying furniture, people often think: “Should curtains be combined with wallpaper?” The answer is naturally yes.

And there are two ways to combine: contrasting – sharp opposite shades, and nuance, which implies the presence of only close shades.

For example, a combination of beige, milky, nude, pearl colors is never out of fashion. Or gray and black variations are versatile as well.

However, there are color combinations that are still desirable to avoid.

  1. Red wallpaper and green curtains. In combination, they look absolutely tasteless and even from a spacious room they will make a cramped one, creating the impression of an irrational use of free space.
  2. Acid colors are unacceptable in the interior. Bright wallpapers and curtains, for example, in the bedroom, have an extremely negative effect on a person’s sleep, do not allow him to relax and gain strength on a psychological level.
  3. Yellow and black, according to psychologists, make a person feel anxious, which, of course, is undesirable in the house.
  4. Purple curtains visually cut the width of the room, so their use is not recommended in a small room.
  5. And bright pink wallpapers are appropriate only for children.

Thus, there are some rules that can be followed when choosing a color scheme. There are still the simplest tips: do not combine bright shades with each other, avoid drawings on wallpaper or curtains that visually reduce the room, these are, for example, small flowers.

Also, experts have compiled win-win options. These are pastel shades that are perfect for both the living room and the bedroom, because they create a cozy and comfortable feeling.

There may be a contrasting combination that brings something of modernity and modern style, a kind of audacity and freedom. This is what is suitable for young people striving to live.

It is important that the combination of wallpaper and curtains should be adjusted depending on the spatial possibilities and the style chosen in advance. And also personal preferences, because if a person likes something, no one has the right to persuade him.

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